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Yu-Gi-Oh! duels are closer to being just like in the anime than they’ve ever been thanks to this streamer

A streamer managed to create a system that allows you to summon Monsters when playing cards in a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel using augmented reality.

Yu-Gi-Oh! duels are closer to being just like in the anime than they’ve ever been thanks to this streamer

Who doesn’t remember with some fondness the extremely convoluted and exaggerated duels in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime? Well, today we’re one step closer of being able to replicate them in real life thanks to a streamer that created a whole system that allows him to show summoned monsters during a game of Konami’s TCG through augmented reality .

Summoning Duel Monsters in real life isn’t easy

French streamer SuperZouloux is the artificer that managed to create this curious invention. Since he constantly streams Yu-Gi-Oh! Card games on his channel,he was thinking about adding a little bit more production to the whole thing. And it seems like he did a bit more than just that. In the following video, he shows exactly how the whole thing works:

In reality, it’s a really simple idea: through a multi-cam setup, SuperZouloux created a system that scans his table. When he summons a monster from his deck, there’s a change of camera, and a short animation of the monster is projected on top of its respective card. The streamer specified that he’s only done this with the monsters that are part of his own deck, although that is still a huge amount of work for a relatively simple result. You can see it in action in the following clip:

As of this moment, Yu-Gi-Oh! Has over ten thousand different carts that are either Monsters, Magic, and Traps. Doing this work for every single card in the game would be a huge task for a single person to do.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga and anime, the monsters “come to life” thanks to a “Solid Vision System”, a fictional piece of technology that basically amounts to hyper-realistic holograms. SuperZouloux simply tried to emulate this iconic aspect of the anime that fans of the card game know all too well.

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Kazuki Takahashi, creator of the popular manga that eventually became a multimillion dollar franchise, passed away in July 2022. The series recently had a renewal in popularity thanks to several video game adaptations that reached a wider audience thanks to their ease of entry.

Source | YouTube/SuperZouloux


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