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This is how Black Freezer looks like in color; new images of Goten and Trunks as superheroes

Chapter 88 of Toyotaro's Dragon Ball Super manga offers a new look at Goten and Trunks with their new identities and a very special Freezer.

This is how Black Freezer looks like in color; new images of Goten and Trunks as superheroes

The return of the Dragon Ball Super manga by Toyotaro is getting closer and closer. After the appearance of the first sketches of the superheroic duo formed by Goten and Trunks, now comes the first official glimpse of the upcoming chapter 88 with new images of both wearing their new suits, a sneak peak to new characters and the definitive color reveal of the so-called Black Freezer, all thanks to color pages collected by the Twitter account DBSHype1. These reveals are truly promising.

First color look at Black Freezer

Thanks to these unpublished full-color pages of Dragon Ball Super, we can finally see the color pattern chosen for the new transformation of the villain Freezer, the umpteenth for such an iconic character. Based on the most powerful version of the character, Black Freezer retains the same grayish torso as always with violet details, but now adds the limbs and trapezium area in black; hence the name Black Freezer. What will this new transformation of the always irritating yet charismatic Freezer be capable of?

On the other hand, these new color pages also give us a new look at the new superheroic duo of Trunks and Goten and their new costumes along with numerous characters whose identities are unknown for now. "After the death battle on Cereal Planet, Goku & Vegeta returned to Beerus' Planet after being defeated by Black Frieza who suddenly appeared. Seeing the overwhelming difference of power, Goku & Vegeta continue their training to beat Frieza. Meanwhile on earth...," we can read as part of the official synopsis of this new Dragon Ball Super arc.

Dragon Ball Super continues to be released in North America by Viz Media, with volume 17 being the most recent volume to be released in early December 2022, which continues the fight between Granolah, Goku, and Vegeta on planet Cereal.

Source | DBSHype1


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