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CES 2023

CES 2023: all the gaming TVs and monitors shown so far

The technology trade show kicks off in Las Vegas, and here are the first samples of the technology that will make gaming better than ever this year.

CES 2023: all the gaming TVs and monitors shown so far

The Consumer Electronic Show, better known as CES kicks off this week from Las Vegas, Nevada. The latest in consumer technology will be present these days, showing glimpses of a distant future, and in some cases a near one. Televisions and monitors are an important part for gamers, as they allow us to watch the action and enjoy the great stories. The current generation of consoles and advances in graphics cards offer us new perspectives where the quality and fluidity of the image are not so easily achieved.

This time, we take a quick look at what brands such as LG, TCL, and Hisense have shown in their presentations to bring higher-quality images to our living and gaming rooms.


LG has surprised us with its LG Signature OLED M, a completely wireless TV, allowing the TV to be hung on any wall, without worrying about wires. The TV runs in 4K at 120Hz, transmitting the picture through its small box. Despite being an interesting TV and keeping the audio and video streaming lag-free (again, totally wireless to the TV), LG also showed off what they presented as the ultimate gaming solution, their huge displays LG OLED Flex and the LG UltraGear OLED. These 40"+ monitors will be the first to support Nvidia GeForce Now in 4K resolution, as well as Amazon Luna, having a refresh rate of 240Hz and a response time of 0.03 ms.

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Moving on to TCL, this brand stood out for the technologies with which its Q Series seeks to bring experiences to homes. The Q Series is the range of QLED TVs where 3 models stand out, the Q6, which has Quantum Dot technology, presenting 66% more brightness, and Game Accelerator 120 technology, which allows a guaranteed screen refresh of 120hz VRR. On the other hand, we have the premium Q7 series, which according to the brand, is focused on 95% of consumers, and shows a lot of attractive features. From its 120 Hz panel, its high brightness display, local dimming, and Game Accelerator 240, this allows it to have an IMAX certification that guarantees the highest quality of playback in the home in terms of resolution, color, brightness, contrast, and sound.

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For its part, Hisense showed a lot of different TVs in its presentation. The most prominent is the ULED X line, which they consider "the next step in LED technology" with the U6K, U7K, and U8K models. While the first model seeks to make Mini-LED even more accessible through its price, its features in gaming leave something to be desired. But it is the U7 series where things get interesting, with its smooth gaming thanks to Game Mode Pro, which takes us to a 144Hz refresh rate, as well as its support for HDR and Dolby Vision Atmos. On the other hand, the U8 series stands out for its 1500 Nits, Quantum Dot Color, and Dobly Vision, allowing us to have more detail in the images. This range is mainly due to its Hi-View Engine X chi, which allows it to detect each frame in the scenes, optimizing images.

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There's still a lot to see at CES 2023, so stay tuned to Meristation for more information on the latest in technology.