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Apple TV+ is working on a more affordable subscription like Netflix

Apple is looking to offer a cheaper version of their subscription with included ads for their video on-demand service

Apple TV+ is working on a more affordable subscription like Netflix

In these times it is quite common for users to have some VOD service installed on their devices. Each company has its own catalog, so it is up to each person to choose the one they like best. But now many companies are making the important decision to make their service more accessible for the public, and Apple has been one of the last ones tohave decided to make a cheaper subscription for Apple TV +.

Apple plans to launch a cheaper subscription with ads

VOD services have traditionally been paid, offering better features depending on what consumers paid. But in recent months we have found a new trend in these companies like Netflix with its new basic package with ads. It barely costs two dollars less than the same plan without ads, but the catalog is exactly the same.

And at Apple it seems like they have taken note of what their rival platform has done and it seems that they want to do the same with their VOD service.According to a report by Business Insider, Apple might be thinking of launching a cheaper plan with ads. For that, they are searching for a sales executive profile specialized in television advertising, who could lay the foundation for what the platform offers with a cheap plan and with ads.

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Ted Lasso and more for less than 7 dollars

At the moment, the plans for the arrival of a cheaper subscription for Apple TV+ with ads are in the air. Taking into account what BI has reported, Apple would have to find that person who will lead the publicity side of the business to bring personalized ads to those who buy into the new subscription.

There’s still a long time before the company solidifies an actual plan,one that should cost less than 7 dollars per month, which is what the current plan costs and that you can install on up to 5 devices. We’ll have to wait and see what they do, which if they follow Netflix's steps, they could also reduce the amount of concurrent devices on a single account.