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The Last of Us: this emotional moment of episode 6 is exactly like in the game

Joel and Ellie continue their journey and strengthen their relationship little by little, and now they’ve let us relive one of the most important moments of their story.

The Last of Us: this emotional moment of episode 6 is exactly like in the game

It’s the trending series on HBO, but with millions of viewers already knowing the story thanks to the video game it is logical that every day Comparisons are made between The Last of Us and the Naughty Dog title. And this time, episode 6 has left us with one of the most important moments in the story;a turning point for the relationship between Joel and Ellie.

"I am not her"

Warning: spoilers ahead for both episode 6 of The Last of Us on HBO and from the Naughty Dog video game.

With those 4 words, Ellie makes everyone who has accompanied both characters on a long journey hold their breath while Joel, staring at her, only has one answer for her: "What?" he says. with a serious tone Even before it is pronounced, we all know where the shots are going, since shortly before such a scene Ellie discovers the event that forever marked Joel's life (the death of his daughter Sarah).

It is one of the highest points of the story of The Last of Us so far, since it marks a before and after for the link that unites both protagonists. Joel is afraid of failing her and that something bad will happen to her. Somehow, he begins to see in her the daughter he lost in the past. Ellie, for her part, has also gotten used to having a father figure take care of her; He is the only person she trusts ands he lets him know so. Back in its day, the scene left a mark on all the fans of the game and now, in the series, it has done so again. In the following video you can check the degree of fidelity with which it has been adapted:

The Last of Us is available on HBO. It currently has 6 episodes, so 3 more to go for the first season to end. In this link you can check the date and time they all premiere.

Source | Ellievjoel in Twitter


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