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The Last of Us showrunners confirm they will make “more than one season” of the second game

Season 2 of the series will not encompass the entire sequel, instead, HBO will take it slow and break the sequel into several parts to tell it all well.

The Last of Us showrunners confirm they will make “more than one season” of the second game

The story of The Last of Us: Part 2 is much more extensive than that of the original, and all the fans of the game were wondering if HBO would try to pack it into a single season, as they did with the first one, or if they would choose to divide it into several parts. This is a question that the network itself and the creators of the adaptation have already tried to answer.

"No. No way," replied Craig Mazin, one of the co-showrunners of the fiction, when asked if one season would be enough to cover the entire second game during an interview with GQ. "It’s more than one season," added Neil Druckmann, the games' author and second showrunner at the helm. "We will not say how many. But more than one is factually correct," Mazin said. Does he mean it could be more than two?

The truth is that the game was full of new features (a new protagonist, for example) and its story was constantly changing point of view and seemed to split in two halfway through the adventure. The decision makes sense and is supported by data such as the fact that The Last of Us: Part 2 almost doubled the length of the original (we went from 15 to 24 hours, according to HowLongToBeat), or that one of the few criticisms of the series so far is that certain moments (especially the ending) felt a bit rushed.

Mazin and Druckmann's announcement has been accompanied by a carousel of news about the saga, such as the fact that they have already decided whether to make The Last of Us: Part 3, the only reason why they would change Bella Ramsey as Ellie, or the warning that Season 2 could be "radically different" from the game. The success of the series is undeniable, and the only certainty we have is that The Last of Us will be around for a while.

Source | GQ