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Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming to Xbox and Game Pass alongside its new content

Tango Gameworks’ Ghostwire: Tokyo will make its way to Xbox Game Pass on Day 1 on the console, on the same date all versions get new content.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming to Xbox and Game Pass alongside its new content

Ghostwire: Tokyo takes the final step into the Xbox ecosystem. The Tango Gameworks game will debut on Xbox Series X | S and Windows PC on April 12. From day one you will be able to find it in the Game Pass catalog in all its modalities. The release of this version is accompanied by a free update packed with new features.

This is the new content of Ghostwire: Tokyo

Spider's Thread, as this update is called, offers as its main course a new challenging game mode. The players will have to complete 30 stages selected from 120 levels. As they do so, they will obtain new skills and resources to overcome the most difficult obstacles.

The studio points out that this portion of scenarios will be “hand-crafted”, that is, they will not use randomly generated solutions to build the levels. In addition to this mode, the game adds new zones integrated into the open world of Tokyo, which will be accompanied by new missions. Story mode cutscenes will be expanded to provide a "greater depth to the plot."

Akito will also be able to get new abilities. The studio mentioned that they are a tackle and a demolishing counterattack. Unique opportunities that you can try against the bestiary that is added for the occasion. This content update will also come to PS5 and the PC version on clients where it is currently available.

At MeriStation the game achieved a rating of 7 out of 10. During the review, we said that it is “A title full of humor, personality, and original details, but at the same time with a very generic and conservative open world approach. It is a cocktail of contrasts and contradictions. A horror game that denies its nature and often misses out on enemies and settings, as if it didn’t realize what their interiors demand or what their dream sequences stand out”. You can read the full-text here.