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Dragon Ball

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Introduces Gohan’s New Transformation in Manga Format

Gohan Beast makes his official debut in the manga version illustrated by Toyotaro with Akira Toriyama as scriptwriter as part of the ‘Super Hero’ arc.

Dragon Ball Super Gohan Beast manga

‘Dragon Ball Super’ in its manga format has reached its climax with the adaptation of the story arc presented in the movie ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’, finally presenting the new and more powerful transformation of Gohan. Thus, we can finally enjoy the appearance of Gohan Beast in the hands of Toyotaro, the illustrator of the current ‘Dragon Ball’ manga under the script and supervision of Akira Toriyama himself. And after enjoying the debut of Orange Piccolo in the previous chapters, we now have the most beastly Gohan yet in our hands, and what illustrations Toyotaro has done!

This is what Gohan Beast looks like in the ‘Dragon Ball Super’ manga

The most recent chapters of the manga ‘Dragon Ball Super’ in its Japanese publication have shown us the colossal battle between Cell Max and Orange Piccolo, two real beasts that gave everything in their brutal confrontation. However, as we saw in the anime, Cell Max manages to defeat even the most powerful version of Piccolo. And it is at this moment that the most powerful and unleashed Gohan enters the fray.

Dragon Ball Super Gohan Beast manga
Full screen

Finally, we have in our hands the debut of Gohan Beast in manga format, after seeing him in action in the movie ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ and even in spectacular figures. All this through the vision of Toyotaro, who, while maintaining the essential part of the animated design, has managed to give his own style to the manga version of Gohan Beast, both at the time of his transformation and in the final result, with a full-page pose.

Remember that the ‘Super Hero’ arc in manga format expanded and improved several aspects of the movie, from a larger role for Gohan and Trunks to a full-blown Gohan Beast presentation for fans to enjoy and better integrate the latest movie into the canon.