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Everything you need to know about Pokémon GO Plus+, the new accessory for Pokémon Go and Sleep

The Pokémon Go Plus+ is a new device that’ll help you catch creatures, automate visits at PokéStops, and improve your sleep. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Everything you need to know about Pokémon GO Plus+, the new accessory for Pokémon Go and Sleep

The Pokémon Company’s alliance with mobile game developer Niantic seems to be at full strength, and to solidify it they’re getting ready to release the Pokémon Go Plus+. The Pokéball shaped device was revealed just a few month’s ago during the Pokémon Day presentation.

If you’re wondering what it is and why it looks so familiar, the short version is that it’s an upgraded edition of the original Pokémon Go Plus, but with added functionality that allows it to be used with the upcoming Pokémon Sleep app. There are a few bits more of information that might be important, so here’s everything you need to know about it.

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What does the Pokémon Go Plus+ do?

The Pokémon Go Plus+ is a small device that needs to be paired via Bluetooth with mobile phones. By doing so it’ll be able to interact with the Pokémon GO app, and will automatically catch Pokémon around you and spin PokéStops that you pass by while walking around. While the original device only allowed you to use regular Pokéballs automatically, this new one allows for the use of Great and Ultra Balls by choice by pressing the big button on the device.

Obviously, this would make playing the game a lot more straightforward than simply opening the app and actively searching around for Pokémon. It’ll also grant owners of the device access to an exclusive Special Research quest. This will guide you to certain objectives that’ll eventually result in an encounter with a special variant of Snorlax with a nightcap, as a small crossover with the upcoming Pokémon Sleep.

This of course is because the Pokémon Go Plus+ will also be compatible with the Sleep tracking app from The Pokémon Company, which will analyze your sleeping habits to help you get better sleep. It’ll even produce Pikachu’s voice to give you notifications on when it’s the best time to go to bed, or as an alarm to wake up.

When can you get the Pokémon Go Plus+?

The Pokémon Go Plus+ was previously set to release at the vague date of “Summer 2023″, but now we know that it’ll launch on July 14, 2023. This only applies to North America for the moment, as it’ll have a European release later on in the year.

How can you buy a Pokémon Go Plus+?

With a price of $55 for the new device, you’ll be able to get the Pokémon Go Plus+ device from the following stores:

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