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Take-Two Interactive

GTA 6 publisher hints at a new highly realistic animation system for the game

A recently registered patent by Take-Two Interactive is hinting at GTA 6 having an incredibly realistic animation system for characters and objects.


Take-Two Interactive has patented a new locomotion system for GTA 6, which will facilitate the implementation of more realistic animations in the game. The registration was found by Reddit user u/Tobbelobben30, who has discovered that the name of Tobias Kleanthous is mentioned in the leaks of the new Rockstar Games title. It turns out that the developer worked at the studio from 2014 to 2021 and specialized in animations, gameplay, and artificial intelligence.

The patent (System and Method for Virtual Character Locomotion) says the following: “A system and method for controlling the animation and movement of in-game objects. In some embodiments, the system includes one or more data-driven animation building blocks that can be used to define any character movements.” In short, these “blocks” can be combined in different ways to generate a wide range of animations depending on the situation a player finds themselves in, all based around the game analyzing the data in real time.

Instead of designing different animations for each of these situations, blocks are used to “assemble” the character’s movements naturally. Should the patent end up being applied to the game, it would mean that its animation system would be highly dynamic and realistic.

No official news from GTA 6

Rockstar Games maintains the silence regarding GTA 6. Some rumors pointed to news on October 24 or 26, but the company did not make any move.

The game, already officially announced, was the subject of a massive leak, where dozens of videos of a very early build came to light. The company let the authorities work, which resulted in the arrest of a young man in London as the main suspect in the leak in 2022. Arion Kurtaj, was judged by a team of psychiatrists, who determined that he was not fit to stand trial. Prosecutors also accused him of threatening the studio with releasing the video game’s source code.