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Kick goes all in after Twitch ‘mix-up’ with support from Mr. Beast and Musk

Twitch launches a new content policy and Kick seizes the moment to contact two of the most influential people of the moment.


The world of streaming is changing, and we may be about to see another wave of big names moving from one platform to another. It already happened with YouTube, where the big names went straight to Amazon’s streaming platform, even though many of them had their home at Google. However, Twitch may be in one of its toughest moments, especially after its published new content policy.

Anger over Twitch’s new policy

Twitch has been home to the most famous streamers since its inception. Many of the big names have done their entertainment work on the platform and made a lot of money, but as with any job, it is important to have clear terms for each contract. And this is where Amazon sets the rules until a competitor finds its moment to attack.

We are talking about Kick, the new platform that offers streamers more freedom in terms of content and, above all, better conditions in terms of revenue. For this reason, it seems that the company was forced to act, even if the move did not turn out as expected.

It turns out that the purple platform recently published a new content policy where it limited sponsored broadcasts where audio, video, or recorded graphics are posted. It also emphasized that not all advertising products are valid, highlighting that political content, adult products, and medical devices cannot be advertised.

The first point has been the one that has been most troublesome for content creators, especially because some of them have sponsorship deals with brands and need to include some graphics to indicate that in each rebroadcast.

Kick ‘mocks’ Twitch and MrBeast flirts with the platform alongside Musk

And here comes the second part of the story, which happened entirely on Twitter. After Twitch presented its apologies for the “misunderstandings” of its new policy has received the scourge of social media. Some of Kick’s international accounts in Spain and France mocked their apology.

But that is not all that has happened, as one of the stars of the platform, Mr. Beast, has not only criticized the measures. The content creator has made it clear that he does not like the way his stars are treated and has decided to announce that he will make a video on the rival platform, something for which he has received praise from none other than Elon Musk.

We will see what the future holds for Twitch, one in which many of its stars will leave if it is not able to provide more options to improve its economic circumstances in particular.