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Ryan Reynolds laughs off 'Deadpool 3′ leaks and shares his own pictures from the set.

The actor behind the red mask reveals his own leaks from the ‘Deadpool 3′ set with amusing results.

Ryan Reynolds Deadpool 3 filtraciones set rodaje

′Deadpool 3′ returned to the set at the gates of these holidays. The movie, which is scheduled for release on July 26, 2024, continues the series of leaks that major productions have suffered recently. We recently saw Hugh Jackman dressed in the unmistakable Wolverine costume, among other spoilers. Ryan Reynolds, following his particular sense of humor, has shared some strange images from the set on social media. Come and have a look.

“‘Deadpool began with a leak. So I’m joining in,” Reynolds begins on his official X (formerly Twitter) account. “But PLEASE don’t overuse the phrase, “Deadpool Leaks” because it might screw up search results if anyone is looking for Deadpool leaks or Deadpool spoilers or perhaps, Deadpool Scoops.”

The photos are delirious. Reynolds took images from the set and added characters you would never expect to see in the saga. Predator or Mickey Mouse himself sneak in thanks to the magic of Photoshop. In this way, the director and actor embraces the memes that circulated in the hours after the leaks.

Will Taylor Swift be the cherry on top of ‘Deadpool 3′?

There are many rumors pointing to Taylor Swift’s involvement in ‘Deadpool 3′. Some of them even point to a specific role. It is Dazzler, a mutant from the ‘X-Men’ universe who shares the singer’s enthusiasm for microphones. Shan Levy, director of the film, was asked about this in October, to which he replied with a blunt “no comment.

Confirming (or denying) her appearance is a decision that splashes two parties. On one side would be Swift. Working in the movie would be a relevant moment in her career, something that would unleash her fans before its release; on the other hand, it would affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We will have to wait for the premiere to unravel the mystery.