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Star Wars Jedi 3 is already a reality, Cameron Monaghan confirms its development

The actor who plays Cal Kestis has already confirmed the development of the third part of Star Wars Jedi.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor notas análisis

Respawn Entertainment has created two of the best products in the videogame industry with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, two of the best products the videogame industry has made from George Lucas’ legendary saga. No one should be surprised that a third installment of Star Wars Jedi is in development, as announced by Cameron Monaghan, the actor responsible for bringing to life Cal Kestis, the protagonist of the games.

Monaghan attended the Ocala Comic Con held last week in Florida, where he joined Tina Ivlev (Merrin in the game) for a panel focusing on Star Wars Jedi. When will this third part be released? Four years passed between the first and the second part, so we will probably have to wait a long time. You can see the full panel below:

Star Wars Jedi, a success that continues to grow

Respawn Entertainment has been able to create one of the most outstanding video games ever made about the Star Wars universe, as evidenced by the success of its two installments, with a third already in development.

In the analysis of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor by our colleagues in Spain, it was noted that “it goes a step further in all its sections. It respects the playable base of its predecessor, but improves it with new features and changes of the most successful. The story is deeper, delving into the traumatic situations of its protagonists and the concept of family that unites them. On the gameplay level, the stances (fighting styles) bring freshness and give shape to a more elaborate and precise combat system, which still fails in closed spaces. The planets of the galaxy are structured around the metroidvania formula, much improved compared to the first installment.”


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