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The director of the John Wick series already has ideas all the way to a 9th film

Director of the John Wick movies Chad Stahelski claims he already has ideas for five more movies, hinting that Keanu Reeves could come back to the role.


If the John Wick saga doesn’t get any more movies it won’t be for lack of ideas. In an interview with Inverse magazine, the director of the four installments of the series, Chad Stahelski, has ruled out the idea and assured that he has “notebooks and notebooks” of ideas to make John Wicks 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

“We have ideas for days. We just don’t have the story locked. I have no interest in doing the cash grab of bringing John Wick back for something. Is he a character I like? Of course. And if I did a couple of John Wick movies, great,”acknowledged Stahelski. “Keanu would do one again in a second if we had a good story. We leave that open-ended. I know that the studio would love us to say we have another one.”

John Wick spin-offs are incoming

“Keanu and I are always interested in that, but we leave it hanging out there a little bit to figure out if we have something that we’d want to watch. Second, we have a studio that’s very enthusiastic and not just financially motivated, but they’re just interested in seeing what we could do with it. So, they’ve been super cool of us this year about branching off. I know the term is “spin-offs” or “ancillaries” or whatever you want to call it. Keanu and I both went back, and we all said, “Look, we have ideas for the John Wick world, other characters that aren’t John Wick-centric. Would you guys be interested in exploring that?” And they were super cool, and they said, “Yes, we’d be very interested in that.”

No sooner said than done, these days we are seeing the fruits of those meetings between Chad Stahelski and his production company. On the one hand, we have ‘The Continental’, the Prime Video series that acts as a ‘John Wick’ prequel and tells the origins of the iconic hotel for assassins in which the films take place. But in addition, on the way we have ‘Ballerina’.

The movie, which stars Ana de Armas, will be released on June 7, 2024, and will go to Anjelica Huston’s dance academy from the third film. Keanu Reeves will appear in the same and as will Lance Reddick in his last appearance in the series, as he sadly passed away recently, in addition to other stars such as Norman Reedus (Daryl in The Walking Dead).