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The Flash gets a release date on Max: date, duration, and controversy

The Flash movie starring Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck, and Michael Keaton just got a release date on Max after a tumultuous time on theaters.

The Flash

The movie that broke a negative record in the history of DC cinema. The film that opened up Batfleck’s Multiverse. Which boasted of having badly done digital effects “because the director wanted them like this”. The Flash is unclassifiable, and it has aroused conflicting passions in all the places it has passed. We’ll see what happens when it arrives on Max now that we have an official release date.

When will The Flash be available on Max?

The Flash is coming on August 25, 2023, to Max, meaning that the film will land on Warner’s streaming platform just two months after its theatrical release. And something tells us that more than one will regret not having seen it on the big screen.

According to the criticism of the very same director of MeriStation, Roberto Hernández, The Flash is “a superhero movie that has a soul”. Although the controversial personal life of Ezra Miller ended up splashing all the promotion of it and at times, with the return of Keaton and Affleck, seemed to rely upon lots of winks and fan service nonsense, in the end it turned out to have its charm.

“The Flash is an entertaining movie, funny at times, that connects with the viewer in a way that superhero movies had given up: heart. Perhaps the look has given a different approach to the character, but the truth is that the new perspective has suited him well. The viewer of this type of film will feel comforted because they find all the elements they need and those who accidentally fall into the cinema will not be frightened: there are enough arguments to see it, even if you don’t like the genre”.

As there is still a week left for its departure, we leave you with some interesting bits and pieces surrounding The Flash: