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The reason Amouranth was banned from Twitch: last stream and when she will return

The controversial Amouranth has once again been banned from the Twitch streaming platform, although her ban was quickly lifted.

The reason Amouranth was banned from Twitch: last stream and when she will return

Amouranth, the popular Twitch streamer, was banned from the platform on July 18, 2023. The ban was lifted just one day later, but the reason for the ban was not revealed.

Amouranth banned, then unbanned from Twitch

The reason for Amouranth’s latest ban is unclear. However, she has been known to stream borderline content against Twitch’s Community Guidelines. As of this writing, Amouranth has not commented publicly on the situation. While the ban was on, her channel displayed one of Twitch’s standard banned messages in place of her most recent VODs. “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

This is the seventh time in her Twitch career that Amouranth has been banned. Her most recent ban was in May 2023, but that was also lifted after a day, and in this week’s case, the reason for her temporary ban has not yet been revealed.

Twitch has been accused of giving special treatment to its most popular streamers. This accusation is hard to refute considering that Amouranth has been banned from the platform seven times without being permanently removed.

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The future for Amouranth

In June 2023, she signed a deal with Kick, a new streaming platform known for its more relaxed content guidelines, following Twitch star xQc. Since then, she has begun her day with Twitch streams that last approximately an hour, before moving to Kick for the remainder of the day. However, the streamer risked being banned from her new platform by “twerking” on stream, an activity that is prohibited by the platform’s terms of service.

In addition to Twitch, Amouranth also streams on Kick and OnlyFans. She has over 7 million followers on Twitch and over 1 million followers on Kick.

Recently, the streamer had to cancel her participation on the top streaming event La Velada del Año 3.