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Trios returns to Fortnite, but only in non-ranked games

Trios return to Fortnite after a few weeks with the game mode disabled. Epic Games regrets this and is reinstating the option in-game.

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Users’ complaints have paid off: after several days with the Trios game mode completely disabled in Fortnite, Epic Games has decided to bring it back into the game... but with a catch. Read on below to find out all about it:

Fortnite reverses course and brings back Trios, but only for unranked games

Without any prior notice, Epic Games has brought back the Trios game mode to Fortnite on Wednesday, May 31, 2023. The company made the announcement via a tweet on the game’s social media:

However, Trios has returned to Fortnite under one very important condition: no ranked. This means that we can only play Trios in unranked matches in Battle Royale and Zero Build game modes. In other words, there will be no Ranked Trios... at least for now.

For now, Epic Games has listened to the community; Trios was removed with the 24.40 patch, which also brought the new Ranked Mode. Complaints were not long in coming, as Trios was a fairly popular team size, including in the competitive scene. Many players, including some pros and recognized FNCS players, publicly expressed their displeasure with Epic Games’ highly questionable decision. And while it was possible to play with 3 players as an incomplete squad, the imbalance of the teams was something that was present.

It was the first time Epic Games had completely removed a specific group size that had become one of the core modes of the game, so the decision was not well received.

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