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Twitch Recap 2023: How to see your annual Twitch Recap and find out which streamer you watched the most

Twitch Recap returns in 2023 with a little mini-game and a global competition between content creators.

Twitch Recap 2023 cómo verlo resumen estadísticas

Twitch is following in Spotify’s footsteps and launching its recap for all its users. The Twitch Recap 2023 is now available to help you find out which content creators you followed the most. Through this link, you can find out which channels you spent the most time on in the last 12 months. To view it, simply log into your account and select “Play as Individual.” Your list will be generated in seconds.

Twitch Recap 2023 also reaches the big streamers. Throughout December 11 and 12, you’ll see many of them immersed in the video game created for the occasion. The site’s second option pits content creators against each other in leaderboards. This healthy competition to see who is on top will be one of the highlights of the year. From the chat it will be possible to animate during this morning with a new emoticon. Those who use it will participate in a global scoreboard. If they make it into the top 10%, they will receive a personalized chat badge.

Twitch Recap 2023 estadísticas alternativas cómo acceder
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In addition to this option to play and see the most popular streamers and the moments that defined the year, there is also the Annual Recap, where you can see your data in a more concentrated way, knowing the most used streamers, categories and emoticons throughout the year. You can view this option here.

Compete during Twitch Recap 2023 and win a badge

The promotion comes with some statistics that speak for themselves. Just over half a million accounts have joined the Affiliate Program this year. All of them are able to monetize their content while building their community. The numbers get bigger in other statistics: we saw 49.65 billion chat messages, while a total of 104.7 million stories were shared. Almost nothing.

“Your annual Twitch Recap is a personalized, retrospective look at time well spent this past year. It’s a moment to reflect, celebrate, and recognize you and our community,” reads on the Twitch site. “Twitch Recap captures the activity of most everyone within our community: streamers, moderators, viewers, and even lurkers.”