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What is the Karl effect? The theory of some MrBeast fans around Chris Tyson

Some MrBeast fans have a theory, a terrible one by the way, about how Beast team member Karl Jacobs has influenced the group.

What is the Karl effect? The theory of some MrBeast fans around Chris Tyson

The drama surrounding Chris Tyson and the rest of the Beast Gang continues. While the relationship between the team members has remained strong and Tyson himself has taken it upon himself to come out publicly to give his version of events and confirm that he is still part of the project, it is the fans who have theories about everything that has happened and it seems they have a culprit.

What is the Karl Effect and what do fans mean by it?

According to fans, this effect falls thanks to team member Karl Jacobs, mentioning that it has a “negative effect” on his teammates. This effect, as described by the site KnowYourMeme, is related to the “effeminate and LQBTQ+ oriented way of presenting himself. As noted, this effect began to affect Chris Tyson when he appeared in a stream with painted fingernails earlier this year. The effect began to take hold among some fans when rumors began to circulate that Tyson was divorcing and leaving his son (a matter that has been denied).

Some also believe that since Chris and Karl started hanging out together, Chris started dressing differently. This effect has been seen as a negative issue by MrBeast’s more conservative fans, who consider fluid sexuality and gender representation to be frowned upon. Although this “effect” has a negative connotation, other fans have suggested that it was the catalyst that helped Chris on his journey of self-discovery regarding his sexuality.

Changes in Chris’ life

As mentioned in recent weeks, Chris Tyson is currently undergoing hormone replacement therapy, so his presence on social media and in MrBeast videos has been reduced. Just earlier this week, Chris returned and spoke about his supposed departure from the Beast Gang, to which he commented that he is on the road and with his son Tucker these days.

Source | KnowYourMeme