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Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass will go up in price again, Phil Spencer confirms it’s inevitable

Microsoft subscription game service for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC will once again face price increases in the near future.

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Both Xbox Series X|S and Microsoft’s flagship service, Xbox Game Pass, went up in price recently. News that never pleases the players, who, like what happened recently with PS Plus and Sony’s decision to increase its price, did not take long to show their discomfort. But there does not seem to be anyone capable of stopping the increase in the value of products and services since it was Phil Spencer himself who has now confirmed that Xbox Game Pass will increase in price again in the future.

In an interview with Game Watch During TGS 2023 in Japan, Phil Spencer assured that the increase in cost goes hand in hand with the increase in value and did not hesitate to make clear what will happen in the future: “We recently increased our prices, but the decision was made from careful consideration . I think it is inevitable that the price will rise in the future”.

Xbox and the fight to conquer Japan audiences

That Japan is not exactly the ideal territory for Microsoft is not a surprise to anyone, since historically, both Nintendo and Sony have always had priority for the Japanese public. However, at Microsoft, they’re not giving up, instead continuing to try to offer an attractive product in the land of the rising sun. Without going any further, just a few days ago we saw how they attended the Tokyo Game Show 2023 to announce a new batch of Japanese games for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One, in addition to the inclusion of the new Yakuza games on Xbox Game Pass.

Since we’re talking about Xbox Game Pass, have you seen the list of new games coming to the catalog these days? Gotham Knights is one of the standouts in a list full of variety and new releases for Xbox and PC. Here you have them all.


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