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Gamescom 2023

Xbox is showcasing 30 games during Gamescom 2023: Starfield, Forza, STALKER, and more

Microsoft and Xbox are getting ready to show off their release schedule during Gamescom 2023, including some of its biggest exclusives, like Starfield and Forza Motorsport.

Xbox Gamescom

Gamescom 2023 will be held in the final days of this month of August -specifically between the 23rd and 27th-, and Microsoft is going all out with everything they had already announced they would bring to their lineup, and more: during the Germany-based show we will see no less than 30 titles, among which, of course, the biggest releases of the Xbox ecosystem for the remainder of the year stand out: Starfield and Forza Motorsport.

Xbox is going strong at Gamescom 2023

Many of their titles will actually be available to try on the show floor, although neither of the two mentioned will be one of them. Among those that attendees will be able to get their hands on are Towerbone, the new game from Stoic -creators of The Banner Saga-, as well as the latest content for The Elder Scrolls Online and Microsoft Flight Simulator.

But as we said, we will see up to 30 games, among which are also confirmed Payday 3, Downstream -by Dontnod Entertainment-, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, Phantom Liberty -the Cyberpunk 2077 expansion-, Spotlight, Persona 5 Tactics, SteamWorld Build and many more, but there is also another highlight that we have not heard from for a while due to reasons out of the devs control: STALKER 2, which will finally give signs of life.

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The Ukranian devs at GSC Games World have suffered, like their whole country, the drawbacks derived from the war in Ukraine, encountering numerous problems during development, and among which remote work has been the least of them. The Ukrainian studio has seen how some of its members joined the armed forces to fight the Russian invasion, even suffering the loss of one of them. At long last, they can show us some new information from their popular game of survival in a radiation-ravaged Chernobyl.

There are still several companies yet to confirm their presence at GamesCom 2023, but what is certain is that of the three hardware manufacturers, Microsoft will not be the only one, since Nintendo will also be present, contrary to Sony, of which we already know its absence. On the other hand, it should be noted that on the night of the 22nd we will see Opening Night Live by Geoff Keighley, which will surely host the largest announcements of the event.