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Mexico vs USA highlights: scores, stats and commentary | 2023 World Baseball Classic

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - MARCH 12: Joey Meneses #32 of Team Mexico celebrates after hitting a two-run home run against Team USA during the first inning of the World Baseball Classic Pool C game at Chase Field on March 12, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona.   Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP (Photo by Christian Petersen / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP)

Mexico stun Team USA with 11-5 victory

Mexico's win sets Pool C on its ear

This win was much needed by Mexico. They lost a thrilller to Colombia yesterday and needed to get a win in the bank to keep their hopes alive. Team USA was perhaps a little hubristic, thinking that they were the clear superior side.

Mexico came in with a hunger and from the first pitch were scratching for the runs, trying to make sure that no stone was left unturned in their hunt for victory. The USA by contrast never really changed anything, simply relying on the idea that if they just continued on as they were, eventually they would win.

The win by Mexic does not rule any team out of the second round, nor does it guarantee anyone an apperance. It does however, muddy the waters a little, leaving three teams with 1-1 records opening up the possibility of a tie in the group.

Mexico will get the day off following its emotional win, returning to play Tuesday. They clash with Great Britain as Team USA collide with a potent Canada club that tied the Classic all-time mark for most runs (18) in a contest.

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That is going to do it for our live coverage of the USA vs Mexico. Keep Diario AS USA at the top of your watch list for all of the World Baseball Classic news and live coverage. See you soon!

Joey's big hit

This shot by Meneses was epic

What a win!

Mexico have put on a stunning performance

Paul Goldschmidt flies out to center fielder Alek Thomas to end the game. Mexico upset the USA with a stunning 11-5 win.

Cedric Mullins now comes to the plate and flies one out to center for the second out.

Mookie Betts now up to the plate and he pops one up to right field. Jarren Duran makes the catch for out number one.

McNeil hits against the shift to left field for a single.

Jeff McNeil will lead off for the USA

Bottom 9th

Mexico brings on Gerardo Reyes to try and close out the game.

Jarren Duran hits a comebacker and Pressly makes the throw to first to end the inning.

Jose Cardona comes to the plate and goes down on strikes with the backward K.

Austin Barnes leads off for Mexico and he flies out to center field.

Top 9th

Team USA has a few changes here as Bobby Witt Jr. remains in the game as the third baseman, Cedric Mullins remains in the game as the center fielder, Kyle Higashioka replaces catcher Will Smith, and Ryan Pressly takes over on the mound.

Will Smith comes to the plate and hits a fly ball to straight center. Thomas hauls it in to end the inning. The USA clawed a few more back there and the score is Mexico 11, the USA 5

Anderson rips one down the third base line into the left field corner. A double sees two runs score!

Zazueta is having some trouble finding the strike zone.

Tim Anderson comes up with the bases loaded and two outs.

Tucker battles a long series of breaking pitches until he gets a full count. The payoff pitch misses outside and Tucker walks to load the bases up.

He will face Kyle Tucker with two outs.

Mexico decide to make a change and Samuel Zazueta replaces Cesar Vargas on the mound.

Alonso pops it straight up on the first base side of the infield. Meneses hauls it in for the second out.

Pete Alonso now comes up and has men on second and third with one out.

He battles on, falling behind in the count and then fouling off three. He works the count back to 2-2 before slotting one over second and into the gap in right center. Mullins scores on the play to claw one back for the USA. It is now 11-3

Bobby Witt Jr will now pinch-hit for Nolan Arenado.

Paul Goldschmidt pokes one through the gap in left for a single. Mullins advances to second.

Pinch-runner Cedric Mullins replaces Mike Trout.

Mike Trout works the count full before drawing the walk on a ball outside.

Mookie hacks one to second and the routine throw to first gets him out.

Bottom 8th

Jarren Duran replaces Verdugo in right field, Jose Cardona replaces Randy Arozarena in left, and César Vargas takes over on the mound. Mookie Betts will lead off for Team USA.

Alek Thomas will face the new pitcher and smacks the first pitch directly at second baseman Jeff McNeil who hauls it in for the final out.

That is going to do it for Daniel Bard, as Devin Williams gets the nod to replace him on the mound.

Trejo lines one that drops in front of Kyle Tucker in left field. Another hit! Rowdy Tellez rounds third and goes home. It is now 11-2!

Trejo now at the plate with two on and two out.

Luis Urias now comes to the plate. He works the count full before getting a walk through a wild pitch.

Isaac Paredes comes to the plate and is called out on three straight strikes. Two away.

Rowdy Tellez smacks one to left for a single. Arozarena and Duran both score. That is ten now for Mexico.

Now with runners on first and second and nobody out, Joey Meneses puts one to deep center. Trout hauls it in but Arozarena tags and advanes.

An inside pitch catches his foot and Verdugo gets first. Pinch-runner Jarren Duran replaces Alex Verdugo on the bases.

Alex Verdugo comes to the plate and rips a bullet to right field, but foul.

Another ball and strike on Arozarena before he lashes one down the left field line for a double. Barnes scores and Mexico are now up by a score of 8-2!

Randy Arozarena now comes up and the first pitch is in the dirt. It slightly gets away from Smith, and Barnes takes off. The throw is close but that is a second stolen base. That is a catcher on catcher crime!

Barnes jumps on the first pitch and singles to right field.

Top 8th

Daniel Bard will now be called on to replace Aaron Loup by team USA. He will face Austin Barnes.

Jeff McNeil comes up now and pops one to left to end the inning.

Will Smith comes up to the plate and smashes a long home run to left field. Team USA is finally back on the board and now trail 7-2

Tim Anderson comes up to the plate and chases some high heat for strike three. Two away.

Tucker flies one out to center and Thomas brings it down for the first out.

Bottom 7th

Mexico brings on JoJo Romero to replace Javier Assad on the mound. He will face Kyle Tucker to lead off.

Alek Thomas pops one up to third and Arenado hauls it in to end the inning.

Alan Trejo comes up and works a deep count. The 2-2 is a nasty inside fastball that he hacks at and comes up empty. Two down.

He works the count to 2-2 and then drops a shot in center field for a single. Tellez advances to second.

Luis Urias now comes up to the plate and sees two quick curves.

He chases an outside cutter for strike three. One down.

Isaac Paredes now up at the plate for Mexico.

He hits a bloop off his knuckles that drops in to center field for a leadoff single.

Rowdy Tellez will lead off for Mexico

Top 7th

Team USA uses their fifth pitcher as Aaron Loup replaces Adam Ottavino.

He chases a wicked fastball for strike three to end the inning.

Pete Alonso now takes his place at the dish.

Nolan Arenado comes to the plate and grounds one to short. The lead runner is put out at second in the fielder's choice. Two down.

He pops one to first base where Joey Meneses pulls it down in foul territory for out number one.

Paul Goldschmidt now comes to the plate.

Trout pokes one through to right field for a leadoff single.

Bottom 6

Assad stays on the mound and will face Mike Trout to lead things off.

He hits a chopper to third and Arenado makes the throw for out number three.

Joey Meneses comes to the plate now and is a dangerous man for Ottavino.

Alex Verdugo now comes to the plate and cranks one a mile high to center. Trout gets under it for the second out.

A runner now in scoring position with nobody out. Arozarena gets a nasty sinker. Swing and miss for strike three. One away now.

Barnes takes off and gets second base. The throw from Smith was on the money but he just simply beat it.

Randy Arozarena comes to the plate with a runner on first and nobody out.

After a long struggle, Ottavino loses Barnes to ball four.

He will face Austin Barnes to get underway.

Top 6

Team USA go to their fourth pitcher of the evening as Adam Ottavino replaces Brady Singer.

Mookie Betts now drives one out to Thomas in center field for the third out.

Jeff McNeil comes to the plate and chops one to short. The throw gets him for the second out.

Bottom 5th

Assad on the mound for Mexico and Will Smith takes the first pitch to deep center field. Alek Thomas tracks it down for the first out.

Thomas comes to the plate for Mexico and pokes one out to left field in foul territory. It is hauled in to end the inning.

Trejo hits one in the gap between short and third. Tim Anderson gets to it and makes an incredibly athletic throw, but it is off line and takes the first baseman off his bag. Safe at first.

Urias comes to the plate and hits a sharp ground ball to third. The throw to first gets him for out number two.

Paredes hacks at an inside fastball and turns it out to right field. Mookie Betts camps out under it and puts it away for out number one.

Top 5th

Singer will stay on the mound for the USA and he will face Paredes to lead off.

Tim Anderson comes to the plate and grounds one to short for Trejo. The throw to first gets him and that is it for the USA in a 1,2,3 inning.

Ever aggressive, Kyle Tucker comes up swinging a the first pitch and grounds one to first for the easy out. Two gone.

Alonso sees nothing but sinkers, all in the mid 90s and goes down on a called strike three for the first out.

Bottom 4th

Javier Assad replaces Patrick Sandoval on the mound for Mexico and he will face Pete Alonso to get things started here in the fourth.

Rowdy Tellez grounds out to second to end the inning. But Mexico tacked on four more runs in that inning to take a commanding 7-1 lead.

Joey Meneses smacks a bomb to left! That ball is gone and by a long way. Three more runs and Mexico are cruising now!

AlexVerdugo comes to the plate and gets a steady diet of sliders, working the count full before drawing the walk.

Randy Arozarena hits one to the gap in right center for a double, scoring Thomas.

He works a deep count again, bringing it full before going down swinging. That is two outs.

Austin Barnes comes to the plate. A pitch in the dirt gets away from Will Smith. It goes back to the backstop, allowing Thomas to advance to second.

Alek Thomas lines one to left for a single.

He works the count full on sinkers and sliders, before going down on a called strike three. One down.

Alan Trejo leads off for Mexico

Top 4th

Kendall Graveman will not come out as Brady Singer gets the nod. grounded to short for the play at first to end the inning. We head to the fourth with Mexico still up 3-1

The count runs full. WIth two outs, Trout will run. The payoff pitch...

He gets nothing but movement. Slider, sinker, and change ups.

Nolan Arenado now to the batter's box to see if he can push Trout along the base path.

Paul Goldschmidt comes to the plate and works a full count before going down swinging.

What a duel! He is getting nothing in the meat of the zone and fouls a few off. Nine pitches later, Trout gets the walk.

Mike Trout now to the plate.

Betts pops one out to center for out number one.

Bottom 3rd

Sandoval is back on the mound for Mexico and will face Mookie Betts to lead off.

Luis Urias hits a grounds ball straight back to the pitcher. The easy throw to first ends the inning.

He will face Luis Urias.

That is going to signal a pitching change. Kendall Graveman will be called on to take over from Nick Martinez.

Mexico get their two run cushion back. 3-1

Men on the corner, now for Isaac Paredes. He pokes one through second, scoring Joey Meneses and moving Tellez to 2nd.

Rowdy Tellez singles on a little bloop over second. Meneses goes to third

Joey Meneses beats out a hard hit ball to third. That will go down as a single

Alex Verdugo grounds out to second for out number two

Top 3rd

Randy Arozarena flies out behind third in foul territory as shortstop Tim Anderson hauls it in.

Jeff McNeil flies out to center field to end the inning.

Will Smith flies out to center fielder Alek Thomas for the second out.

Tim Anderson smacks a single to right, scoring Tucker from third. The USA has cut Mexico's lead in half. 2-1

Kyle Tucker comes up first pitch swinging and triples down the right field corner.

Bottom 2nd

Pete Alonso leads off and flies out to right fielder Alex Verdugo.

Top 2nd

Mexico goes up and down in three batters. First Alan Trejo strikes out swinging. Then Alek Thomas flies out to left and Austin Barnes finishes off by going down swinging.

Nolan Arenado pops out to second baseman Luis Urias to end the inning.

Paul Goldschmidt walks and then advances to second on a wild pitch by Patrick Sandoval.

Mike Trout comes up and strikes out swinging.

Bottom 1st

Mookie Betts leads off and flies out to center field. One down

Isaac Paredes walks and then Luis Urias grounds out to third to end the inning. We head into the bottom of the first 2-0 Mexico

Rowdy Tellez grounds out for the second out

Joey Maneses smacks a shot to left center, it is gone! All of the sudden it is 2-0

Alex Verdugo comes up and flies out to center for the first out.

Top 1st

As the game kicks off, Randy Arozarena leads off. He hits one to short and looks to beat the throw. Mexico challenged the call on the field that Randy Arozarena was out. It was overturned and he is given the infield single on a ground ball to short.

Welcome to the game!

Welcome to the live commentary coverage of the Mexico vs USA  game here as the USA tries to exert their dominance on the game, proving that they are the number one team in the world.

Mexico are trying to bounce back from a heartbreaking loss to Colombia and keep their hopes of getting out of the group stage alive.

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