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Golden State Warriors 127 vs 125 Dallas Mavericks summary: stats and highlights | NBA

The Golden State Warriors have struggled on the road all season, but came up with a massive win against the Dallas Mavericks who were without Kyrie Irivng.

Road trips have not treated the Golden State Warriors well this season, but they finished their final, lenghty road trip with back-to-back wins away from the Chase Center for the first time all year.. Jonathan Kuminga led the Warriors with 22 points in the 127-125 win over the Dallas Mavericks.

Luka back, Kyrie out

There was good news and there was bad news for the Mavericks, who came into the game a half game behind the Warriors and in Play-In Position sitting in 8th in the West. They got Luka Doncic back from a thigh injury that kept him out for five games, but Kyrie Irving sat out after suffering soreness in his foot following the loss to Memphis.

The Warriors were coming off of a rare road win in Houston and went into Dallas looking to close out a five game road swing with two straight wins. In a must win game against a direct rival in the standings, but the Warriors didn’t rely on Steph Curry, or Klay Thompson. Instead, it was their versatile big man Johnathan Kuminga who set the tone on the offensive and defensive end all night.

Curry and Thompson both had subpar games by their standards, Thompson had 9 points, while Curry posted 20, but he did have 13 assists, many of which went to Kuminga who tormented the Dallas defense all night.

Kuminga carries, Curry caps it

Doncic made a big splash in his return from injury, going for 30 points and dishing 17 assists, on top of that, the Mavs got a huge night from Jaden Hardy who is blossoming into a fantastic player in his first year in the NBA. The rookie had 27 points and a few key defensive plays to keep Dallas in the game, but it wasn’t enough to hold off Kuminga.

He may have had an “off night” (going for a double double with assists and shooting 50% from the field) but when the Warriors needed a bucket to extend their one point lead under 15 seconds left, they went to their MVP, Curry. The Mavs defense fell asleep as we have seen so many times this year, but this time it cost them the game as Curry put the Warriors up three and buried Dallas.

The Warriors now slightly distance themselves from the Mavericks, but are still in the thick of the pack looking to either make the Play-In or avoid the Play-In. The Warriors are still sitting in 6th in the West, but the Mavs dropped to a game under .500 which puts them in Play-In position.

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Mavs to protest loss

The Dallas Mavericks will file an official protest to the NBA after the Warriors got a free dunk after confusion about who was supposed to have the ball coming out of a timeout. The ref's original call was Warriors ball on the out of bounds play, but then looked like he changed his call, and signaled to the other end of the court. The Mavs lined up as if it was their ball, and the ball was inbounded by Golden State for an easy Kevon Looney dunk. The refs claimed that the signal from the ref that appeared to be a change of call was actually the ref signaling timeout for Dallas. The Warriors ended up winning by two, which left a bad taste in the mouth of their owner.

Unbelievably, that was the first time the Warriors have won back to back road games all season long.

No matter how "off" Curry is, when the game is on the line there is only one person to go to. Curry delivered, as Dallas' defense fell asleep on the biggest play of the night.

Donte DiVencenzo is quickly becoming a pivotal part of this team in his first year in the Bay. He hit this big corner three to stretch the lead out in a skin tight fourth quarter.

It's strange to think that Curry had an "off night" after seeing his stat line. He shot 50% (9/18) from the field and posted 20 points to go on top of his 13 assists.

... and bringing the thunder!

Poole showing a little bit of lightenting.

Draymond started the second half with 7 straight points helped the Warriors jump out to a nine point lead in the third quarter. He ended the night with 14, 4 and 8 assists.

There are about a million highlights of Steph Curry on the internet, but this is one of the more special ones you will see. Sure, he's a great shooter, but this shows you just how special of a basketball player he is.

Despite Steph's relatively quiet night, he still found time to drops one of these step back three balls after a dizzying array of moves.

We saw Kuminga come in and pick the pocket of a few Dallas Mavericks tonight showing he's just as good defending the perimeter as he is in the paint.

Steph didn't have a huge impact on the scoring end, but he ended the night with 13 assists.

Jonathan Kumniga set the tone of both ends for the Warriors on Wednesday night. He would not only end up leading the Warriors in scoring, but he played the role of energy guy of the bench for Golden State

Thompson got the Warriors going from downtown early on, but he was kept quiet in Dallas. He finished the game with just 9 points in 35 minutes.

Bullock drills the three ball at the end of the fourth quarter, but it's not going to be enough for Dallas.

The Golden State Warriors win back to back road games for the first time all season as Jonathan Kuminga led the Warriors with 22 points. Steph and Klay were pedestrian, but everyone else stepped up for GS.

Looney at the line and he hits the first to end the game, and drills the second just for good measure!

Luka went for a quick two but missed the reverse lay up and the Warriors come up with the rebound!

Looney at the line with 1.7 seconds to go.

Steph just walked to the cup and finished it with the lay up off the crystal. Way to easy of a possession of Golden State, but they will take it in pursuit of their first two game win streak on the road.

Timeout Dallas with 8.5 to go.

Great D from the Warriors who forced Luka into a desperation three. They get the ball with 29 seconds to go.

We are under a minute to go and the Mavs have the ball down one.

Wood off the dribble and hits the floater in the lane.

Curry on the dump off to Green who gets the bucket and the foul!! FT is good to put the Warriors up by 3.

Hardy to the line after the DiVencenzo foul and he hits one of two to tie the game with 1:40 to go in the game.

Kuminga was fouled by Bullock who knew he was beat and makes the big man go to the line where he hits both with 3:00 left in the fourth quarter.

Wood at the line after Green got him on the way up, and he hits both FTs.

DiVencenzo with a massive three ball in the corner off the Green kick out and the Warriors lead again!

Hardy scoops up the loose ball after Curry lost it and got it back on the give and go from Luka for the fast break lay up.

Doncic comes up with the short range effort in the lane and we are all tied up again!

Kuminga going back at the rack and he gets the lay  up to fall.

We are under 5 to play from Dalals!

Doncic going to the rack and finishing on the hesitation! That's and 8-0 run in the last minute since the timeout!

Hardy does it again from downtown!! Huge night for Hardy!!! He's got 24 tonight'!!

Hardy comes up big again drilling the much needed three ball!

Looney looks across the land and finds Kuminga who came flying in for the slam!

J. Green on the short shot to cut into the Warriors lead.

Lamb from the top of the key and he drills the three ball! SIx quick points for Lamb in the quarter.

Poole off the dribble and sticks the elbow jumper.

Lamb gets the offensive rebound off the Curry missed three and he gets the put back AND 1! FT is good and the lead is back to three.

Bullock locks the game back up with a three ball off the Kleber kick out and we are all tied again!

Timeout Warriors with under 9 to go in the fourth quarter!

Curry in the corner for three and he puts the Warriors back on top!

Luka on the stop and pop three ball off the inbound and there was a foul down under the basket on the Warriors. FT is good from Kleber and that was a four point possession for Dallas.

Curry getting into the lane and hits the finger roll over the defenders in the paint.

Defensive three second call against the Warriors and Wood hits the FT.

Hardy going to the cup strong and gets the lay up to go.

J Green with the baseline drive to start the fourth quarter and finishes with a flush.

J. Green with a buzzer beater after Poole found under the bucket, and we are heading to the fourth quarter with Golden State up by 3.

Hardy has been huge tonight, and he comes up with a huge three ball to cut the lead to one.

Poole to the line after the foul on Holiday, and he hits both FTs.

J. Green strings a three ball after a bad pass from Moody. Wood snuck in, stole the ball and hit Green for the long range effort!

Poole hits the floater down the lane and the lead is back to 5!

Looney got a wide open lay up after some confusion out of the timeout and the Mavs were all the way on the other side of the court!

Wood gets the lay up to go after the drive from outside the lane and that will force the Warriors to take a timeout with under 2 minutes to go in the third quarter.

Poole with a vicious slam on a rack attack and that quiets this crowd down here in Dallas.

Hardy drills another three ball after the Doncic kick out and we have a one point game!

Kuminga driving, spinning and finishing fro the left side of the lane.

Wood fouled by Kuminga, and he hits one of two FTs.

Doncic backing down the defender and he gets the jump hook in the lane to fall.

Poole on the and 1 under the bucket after the foul on Hardy. FT is goo and the Warriors lead is back to 5.

Bullock on the catch and release following the kick out from Hardy and the three ball is good!

Poole crossed Luka up at the top of the key and dumped it off for Draymond for a jam!

Luka going into traffic and absorbing the foul, and gets the bucket in the lane to go after the whistle! FT is good to complete the three point play!

Curry getting to the rack and finishing with the reverse lay up out of the timeout.

Powell follows up his own miss and gets the tip in!

Timeout Warriors after the Mavs go on a little run with under 7 to go in the third quarter!

Bullock on the three ball in the corner after Luka's kick out!

Curry in the lane and he gets the floater to go.

Thompson's kick out from the baseline finds DiVencenzo who strokes the triple! Largest lead of the night for the Warriors.

Green with another bucket and he's got 7 quick points out of the break!

Draymond drills a three ball off the Curry pick and pop and the Warriors are back on top!

J. Green in the corner off the kick out from Luka and he stings the three ball!

Draymond with the jumper off the sling pass from Curry.


Powell starts the half with a lay up off of another assist from Luka.

It took Steph 23 minutes to get his first three ball to drop in the opening half. I doubt it's going to take that long in the second half.

Curry may have just 9 points, but he's got 7 assists going into half. Rest assured he will have his say on the scoring end before the end of tonight.

Jaden Hardy had 10 big points off the bench, including a couple three balls and this drive to the lane.

Check out Powell going up with one hand and throwing down the alley oop.

This is Luka's first night back after missing 5 games, and it looks likes his thigh is doing just fine.

Kuminga has found something he likes against this Dallas team. He leads the Warriors with 14 points on 6/7 shooting off the bench.

Thompson hit this three ball early, but then cooled off for most of the first half. He's got 9 points, but has plenty of time to find his hot hand in the second half.

DiVencenzo hits a corner three off the kick out from Curry and that give the Warriors the lead going into the halftime break!

It's been back and forth here as both teams have had a piece of the lead, but neither team has been able to break ahead.

Thompson and Curry both have 9 points, Kuminga has 14 and is 6/7 from the field with two 3 balls.

Doncic has 18 and 9 assists tonight, as Wood and Hardy have both chipped in 10 a piece off the bench .

Powell slams it home off the lob from Doncic to bring this crown off their feet at the American Airlines Center!

Curry finally sees a three ball fall and let's see if that sparks his night on the offensive end.

Hardy going coast to coast and finishes off the glass to put the Mavs back in the lead.

Luka on the drive and the finish at the iron!

Kuminga following his own miss, and gets sent to the line by Powell. Both FTs are good from Kuminga and the Warriors lead by 2 with under 2 to go in the first half.

Luka with a leaner in the lane and he got the contact from behind and the bucket! FT is good and the game is tied.

DiVencenzo to the line after Kleber's third foul and he knocks down both.

Bullock strings the three ball in the corner out of the timeout!

Kuimnga beats everyone down court again, and Curry hit him for the fast break jam.

Timeout Mavs with under 3 to go in the second quarter.

Thompson one the baseline jumper and he hits the mid ranger.

Doncic at the line after the Kuminga foul and he hits one of two FTs.

Curry pulls up from the elbow and he's got just 6 points tonight.

Kuminga on the steal and the slam after picking off Wood's wayward pass.

Looney with a short range effort out of the timeout.

Wood to the line after Thompson's foul and he hits both FTs.

Timeout Warriors with 5:53 to go in the first half.

Poole weaving through traffic in the paint and finishes off the glass with the finger roll.

Poole sends Doncic to the line where he hits two of two FTs.

Thompson floats one in after a drive down the lane and he's got 7 points.

Wood gets the FT line jumper to go on a scrambled play that almost led to a turnover for the Mavs.

Kuminga in the corner off the kick out from Lamb to answer back!

Luka with the step back three ball, and that's his first triple of the night!

Luka to the line after the Lamb foul and he hits one of two FTs.

Curry on the pull up jumper and that's his first jump shot of the night. He has just 4 points up until now.

Inbound pass to Wood from the baseline and he hits the quick trigger shot under the basket

Wood to the line after the Curry foul and he hits one of two FTs.

Wood going to the line after the Moody foul and he hits two of two FTs.

Curry with a long pass over the top of the defense and he finds Poole who puts the Warriors on top with a lay up.

Timeout Mavs with 10:01 to go in the first quarter.

Curry running the break and found Looney for the easy dunk on the fast break.

Moody off the bench and drives the baseline for his fiirst bucket of the night.

Hardy gets into the lane and finishes with the floater.

J Green on the offensive rebound after the Lamb miss on the floater, and that will be the last bucket of the first quarter.

Both teams got out to early leads, but we are going to the second quarter with the Mavs up three. Luka has 6 points and 6 rebounds, Powell leads Dallas with 7 while Kuminga is the top scorer for the Warriors.

It's raining triples in Dallas, as Holiday sticks the three ball on the right wing.

Lamb punches back with a three ball off the bench!

Hardy in the corner after the extra pass from Green and the lead is 5!

Poole heading to the line after Holiday's foul and he hits one of two from the line.

Wood on the finger roll finish off the Doncic assist and he's got 6 dishes already.

Kuminga answers back with a three ball to close the gap back to a point off the Poole kick out

Luka on the skip pass to Hardy who drills the three ball out of the timeout!

Curry goes coast to coast after pulling down the rebound and he is on the board for the first time tonight.

Mavs take a timeout with 3:33 after the little run from the Warriors.

Kuminga picks up the loose ball after Luka lost it and gets an easy slam off the turnover.

Curry finds J. Green on the slash and slam, and we'll add another one after a made FT.

Doncic dragged down the defensive rebound and hit Holiday in stride for the transition lay up.

Luka penetrating on the GS defense and gets the bucket to go after some contact.

Drayond bailed out the Mavs and fouled Powell with a foot on the three point line with the shot clock under 1 second. He hits one of two FTs.

J. Green on the alley oop lob to Powell and the dunked it over everyone!

Kuminga slashes to the bucket and Green hit him down the lane for the slam out of the timeout!

Luka gets the roll in the lane off the floater and the Warriors will take a timeout after the Mavs took the lead in the last two possessions.

Luka left his feet on the baseline and found Powell at the last second for the wide open jam.

J. Green with the lay up after Luka found him on the dash to the rack.

Looney with the jam, and everyone is getting involved early on. Everyone but Curry.

 Doncic with one of his patented drives to the lane and he gets it to go from under the bucket.

Green gets a lay up after cutting to the rim and receiving the pass from Curry.

J. Green at the line after Curry fouled him and he hits both FTs.

Thompson on the catch and release and he has a quick 5 points to start his night.

Kleber answers back with a three ball of his own, the first of the Mavs' night.

Thompson hits a three ball and the Warriors are enjoying a perfect start from downtown out of the gate.

Doncic goes to the rim and misses his floater but Powell is three with the big tip back to get the crowd into the game early!

DiVencenzo starts the night off with a corner three ball on the first possession.


DiVencenzo joins Looney and the Golden State Big Three in Steve Kerr's starting five. Nothing has been working for the Warriors on the road this year. Let's see if this starting five can pull off a second straight win to wrap up their road trip.

Doncic is back, but Kyrie is out of commission tonight as Green Bullock, Kleber and Powell will join the Slovenian to start the game. Jason Kidd's team is desperate for a win, with or without their so-far underwhelming duo.

Warriors still without Wiggins

The Golden State Warriors have battled injuries all year long. Steph Curry has been hurt during stretches of the season, so have Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. At the moment the Warriors Big Three is healthy, but they have been without Andrew Wiggins who has been away from the team tending to some personal issues since mid February. Wiggins was an integral part of the Warriors title run last year, and if the Warriors are going to have a repeat run then they will need their power forward back.

Luka is back, Kyrie out

Luka Doncic has missed the last five Mavs games with a thigh injury. The Mavs won just two of those games, and all three of their losses in the that span came to the Memphis Grizzlies. The Slovenian is the second leading scorer in the league, and his team is itching to get his 33 points per game back on the hardwood. He was upgraded to questionable at the start of the week, but missed the Mavs game against the Grizzlies on Monday. He is ready to go tonight, although he and Dallas will be without Kyrie who is out with right foot soreness.

How the west is looking

Taking a look at the Western Conference standings we see both of these teams lumped into the pile of playoff aspirants in the middle of the table. There is just 1.5 games between the sixth seed Warriors and the 12th seed Pelicans. The Warriors would currently get an automatic bid to the postseason in the sixth seed, while the Mavs who are just a half game back of Golden State would have to get through the Play-In Tournament. Currently it’s the Lakers and the Pelicans who are the odd men out in 11th and 12 in the West, but there is still plenty of time to move up or down the table for the seven teams looking for the final four spots in the postseason.

Another game without a half of the Dallas duo

The Kyrie Irving-Luka Doncic project is not going as expected in Big D. First of all, they haven’t had much time on the court together. Between Luka’s injuries, and Kyrie’s injuries they haven’t been able to string more than a handful of matches together. This keeps them from building the chemistry that Mark Cuban was hoping to see before the playoffs, but it also throws the team off the tracks. Kyrie likes to play an up tempo style while Luka prefers to slow things down and play in the half court. This is a team going through a severe identity crisis, and with three weeks to go in the regular season they don’t have much time to figure it out.

Warriors Road woes

It’s almost inexplicable how bad the Warriors are on the road. This is a team with a core that has won four NBA Titles, and they have been through just about everything together. A lot of ups, some downs and everything in between. How they have only won 8 games away from Chase Center this season is unfathomable, but  Klay Thompson and Golden State know that this team is capable of turning it on in the post season. The question is, will they make the postseason? If they can’t figure out a way to get some wins on the road in the final few weeks of the season it could be bye bye Warriors.

Grizz shut down Kyrie and Mavs

The Mavs were without Luka Doncic for a fifth straight game against the Grizzlies, and they could have used him especially in the fourth quarter. Kyrie Irving had 28 points to lead Dallas, but he and the rest of the team went cold in the final 12 minutes of the game. The former Brooklyn Net was 0/7 from the field, while the Mavs scored just 12 points in the last quarter. The Grizzlies held them scoreless for the final 5:40 before Christian Wood hit a couple of meaningless free throws at the end of the game.

Warriors get one on the road

Golden State need every win on the road they can get. Unfortunately for them, they don’t play the Houston Rockets every time they have to leave the Bay. They did however play them to begin the week and the Warriors took advantage by taking down Houston with a big fourth quarter. Steph Curry went for 30, while Klay Thompson followed up with 29. It was a must win, and they won it, but now they head into Dallas and face another must win game.

We are live from American Airlines Center

Hello everyone and welcome to Big D, where the Golden State Warriors will finish off their five game road trip looking to wrap it up with a rare road win. They have lost three of four on this road swing, but are coming off a win in Houston against one of the league’s worst teams. Tonight they will go up against a Dallas team that can’t seem put the pieces together. Time is running out for Kyrie and the Mavs, but there is good news for Dallas: Luka Doncic will be back tonight in a crucial game against a direct rival in the standings. The bad news is they will be without Kyrie Irving.

Warriors vs. Mavs live  

Two teams that are desperate to avoid the Play-In Tournament go toe-to-toe tonight from Dallas. The Golden State Warriors head south to take on the Mavericks as each fight for postseason positioning and AS English will be with you all night, providing live coverage, stats, highlights and analysis from American Airlines Center.

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