Ligue 1 Season 2018/2019

Players Accurate passes that have a distance greater than 35 yards

Pos. Player Team Total
1 Foto de Samba Brice
Samba Brice Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 381Accurate passes that have a distance greater than 35 yards
2 Foto de Lecomte
Lecomte Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 352
3 Foto de Gurtner
Gurtner Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 320
4 Foto de Costil
Costil Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 311
5 Foto de Edouard Mendy
Edouard Mendy Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 297
6 Foto de Matz Sels
Matz Sels Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 285
7 Foto de Reynet
Reynet Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 265
8 Foto de Butelle
Butelle Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 259
9 Foto de Fajr
Fajr Midfielder
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 255
10 Foto de Paul Bernardoni
Paul Bernardoni Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 250
11 Foto de M'Vila
M'Vila Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 242
12 Foto de Hilton
Hilton Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 237
13 Foto de Ruffier
Ruffier Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 218
14 Foto de Mike Maignan
Mike Maignan Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 212
  Foto de Tatarusanu
Tatarusanu Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 212
15 Foto de Téji Savanier
Téji Savanier Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 211
16 Foto de Rúnar Rúnarsson
Rúnar Rúnarsson Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 198
17 Foto de Tomas Koubek
Tomas Koubek Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 197
18 Foto de Pablo Martinez
Pablo Martinez Defender
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 190
19 Foto de Anthony Lopes
Anthony Lopes Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 183
20 Foto de Mandanda
Mandanda Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 178
21 Foto de Lala
Lala Defender
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 173
22 Foto de Marcelo
Marcelo Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 172
23 Foto de Walter Benitez
Walter Benitez Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 167
24 Foto de Marc-Aurele Caillard
Marc-Aurele Caillard Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 158
25 Foto de Karl Johan Johnsson
Karl Johan Johnsson Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 153
26 Foto de Anthony Briancon
Anthony Briancon Defender
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 147
27 Foto de Bobby Allain
Bobby Allain Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 146
28 Foto de Pedro Mendes
Pedro Mendes Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 144
29 Foto de Diego Carlos
Diego Carlos Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 141
30 Foto de Alexander Djiku
Alexander Djiku Defender
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 136
  Foto de Malang Sarr
Malang Sarr Defender
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 136
31 Foto de Fonte
Fonte Defender
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 126
32 Foto de Congre
Congre Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 125
  Foto de Bjorn Engels
Bjorn Engels Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 125
33 Foto de Cyprien
Cyprien Midfielder
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 124
  Foto de Dante
Dante Defender
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 124
  Foto de Grenier
Grenier Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 124
34 Foto de Jullien
Jullien Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 123
  Foto de Glik
Glik Defender
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 123
  Foto de Marquinhos
Marquinhos Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 123
35 Foto de Koundé
Koundé Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 121
36 Foto de Baptiste Santamaria
Baptiste Santamaria Midfielder
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 120
37 Foto de Kolodziejczak
Kolodziejczak Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 118
38 Foto de V. Rongier
V. Rongier Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 117
39 Foto de Wesley Lautoa
Wesley Lautoa Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 116
  Foto de Yambéré
Yambéré Defender
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 116
40 Foto de Didot
Didot Midfielder
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 115
41 Foto de Ibrahima Sangare
Ibrahima Sangare Midfielder
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 110
42 Foto de Thiago Mendes
Thiago Mendes Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 109
43 Foto de Christophe Kerbrat
Christophe Kerbrat Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 108
44 Foto de Xavier Chavalerin
Xavier Chavalerin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 107
45 Foto de Yunis Abdelhamid
Yunis Abdelhamid Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 105
46 Foto de Subotic
Subotic Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 104
47 Foto de Amalfitano
Amalfitano Midfielder
Badge/Flag Dijon Dijon 103
48 Foto de Romain Thomas
Romain Thomas Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 102
  Foto de Ellyes Skhiri
Ellyes Skhiri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 102
  Foto de Benaglio
Benaglio Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Monaco Monaco 102
  Foto de Herelle
Herelle Defender
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 102
49 Foto de Jonas Martin
Jonas Martin Midfielder
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 101
  Foto de Perrin
Perrin Defender
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 101
50 Foto de Mexer
Mexer Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 99
51 Foto de Thomas Monconduit
Thomas Monconduit Midfielder
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 98
  Foto de Morgan Sanson
Morgan Sanson Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 98
52 Foto de Baysse
Baysse Defender
Badge/Flag Caen Caen 97
53 Foto de Prcic
Prcic Midfielder
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 96
54 Foto de Pallois
Pallois Defender
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 94
  Foto de Adrien Tameze
Adrien Tameze Midfielder
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 94
55 Foto de Boubacar Kamara
Boubacar Kamara Defender
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 92
56 Foto de Ferland Mendy
Ferland Mendy Defender
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 91
57 Foto de Mitrovic
Mitrovic Defender
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 90
58 Foto de Thiago Silva
Thiago Silva Defender
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 88
59 Foto de Otavio Henrique Passos Santos
Otavio Henrique Passos Santos Midfielder
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 87
  Foto de Pablo
Pablo Defender
Badge/Flag Girondins Girondins 87
60 Foto de Romao
Romao Midfielder
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 86
61 Foto de Houssem Aouar
Houssem Aouar Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lyon Lyon 84
  Foto de Selnaes
Selnaes Midfielder
Badge/Flag Saint-Etienne Saint-Etienne 84
62 Foto de Anthony Caci
Anthony Caci Midfielder
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 83
63 Foto de Pierre Lees-Melou
Pierre Lees-Melou Midfielder
Badge/Flag Niza Niza 81
64 Foto de Damien
Damien Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 80
65 Foto de Sorbon
Sorbon Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 78
  Foto de Jordan Ferri
Jordan Ferri Midfielder
Badge/Flag Nîmes Nîmes 78
66 Foto de Caleta-Car
Caleta-Car Defender
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 77
  Foto de Lamine Kone
Lamine Kone Defender
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 77
  Foto de Florent Mollet
Florent Mollet Midfielder
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 77
67 Foto de Prince-Desir Gouano
Prince-Desir Gouano Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 76
  Foto de Dupe
Dupe Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag Nantes Nantes 76
68 Foto de Adenon
Adenon Defender
Badge/Flag Amiens Amiens 75
  Foto de Luiz Gustavo
Luiz Gustavo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Marsella Marsella 75
  Foto de Bourigeaud
Bourigeaud Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 75
69 Foto de Rebocho
Rebocho Defender
Badge/Flag Guingamp Guingamp 74
  Foto de Le Tallec
Le Tallec Defender
Badge/Flag Montpellier Montpellier 74
  Foto de Ismael Traore
Ismael Traore Defender
Badge/Flag Angers Angers 74
70 Foto de Gelin
Gelin Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 73
  Foto de Hamari Traore
Hamari Traore Defender
Badge/Flag Rennes Rennes 73
71 Foto de Gen Shoji
Gen Shoji Defender
Badge/Flag Toulouse Toulouse 72
  Foto de Paredes
Paredes Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 72
72 Foto de Ibrahima Sissoko
Ibrahima Sissoko Midfielder
Badge/Flag Estrasburgo Estrasburgo 68
  Foto de Verratti
Verratti Midfielder
Badge/Flag PSG PSG 68
  Foto de Xeka
Xeka Midfielder
Badge/Flag Lille Lille 68
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