Europa League Previa

Players Total number of red cards receive from both 2nd yellows and straight reds

Pos. Player Team Total
1 Foto de Bevis Mugabi
Bevis Mugabi Defender
Badge/Flag Motherwell Motherwell 1Total number of red cards receive from both 2nd yellows and straight reds
  Foto de Satka
Satka Defender
Badge/Flag Lech Poznan Lech Poznan 1
  Foto de Bjorn Kristensen
Bjorn Kristensen Midfielder
Badge/Flag Hibernians Hibernians 1
  Foto de César Blackman
César Blackman Defender
Badge/Flag Dunajská Streda Dunajská Streda 1
  Foto de Birsent Karagaren
Birsent Karagaren Forward
Badge/Flag L. Plovdiv L. Plovdiv 1
  Foto de Ardit Deliu
Ardit Deliu Midfielder
Badge/Flag KF Laci KF Laci 1
  Foto de Jordi Aláez
Jordi Aláez Midfielder
Badge/Flag Sta. Coloma Sta. Coloma 1
  Foto de Dinis Almeida
Dinis Almeida Defender
Badge/Flag L. Plovdiv L. Plovdiv 1
  Foto de Anders Kondrasen
Anders Kondrasen Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rosenborg Rosenborg 1
  Foto de Anri Chichinadze
Anri Chichinadze Defender
Badge/Flag Saburtalo Saburtalo 1
  Foto de Luca Sorrentino
Luca Sorrentino Forward
Badge/Flag Tre Penne Tre Penne 1
  Foto de Fabjan Beqja
Fabjan Beqja Midfielder
Badge/Flag KS Teuta KS Teuta 1
  Foto de Dmitrijs Litvinskis
Dmitrijs Litvinskis Defender
Badge/Flag Ventspils Ventspils 1
  Foto de Oumar Goudiaby
Oumar Goudiaby Forward
Badge/Flag Shkupi Shkupi 1
  Foto de Darko Bodul
Darko Bodul Forward
Badge/Flag Sh. Soligorsk Sh. Soligorsk 1
  Foto de Guga Palavandishvili
Guga Palavandishvili Midfielder
Badge/Flag Ventspils Ventspils 1
  Foto de Razgoniuc
Razgoniuc Midfielder
Badge/Flag Petrocub-Hincesti Petrocub-Hincesti 1
  Foto de Armend Alimi
Armend Alimi Midfielder
Badge/Flag Shkendija Shkendija 1
  Foto de Tellur Mutallimov
Tellur Mutallimov Defender
Badge/Flag Sumqayit Sumqayit 1
  Foto de Aliyev
Aliyev Defender
Badge/Flag Baki Baki 1
  Foto de Boris Varga
Boris Varga Defender
Badge/Flag Backa Topola Backa Topola 1
  Foto de Vladimir Siladi
Vladimir Siladi Forward
Badge/Flag Backa Topola Backa Topola 1
  Foto de Dajan Ponjevic
Dajan Ponjevic Defender
Badge/Flag Backa Topola Backa Topola 1
  Foto de Branislav Sluka
Branislav Sluka Defender
Badge/Flag MSK Zilina MSK Zilina 1
  Foto de Maxim Railean
Maxim Railean Goalkeeper
Badge/Flag FC Sfintul Gheorghe FC Sfintul Gheorghe 1
  Foto de J. Andersen
J. Andersen Midfielder
Badge/Flag Hammarby Hammarby 1
  Foto de Giorgi Gabadze
Giorgi Gabadze Defender
Badge/Flag L. Tbilisi L. Tbilisi 1
  Foto de Ottesen
Ottesen Defender
Badge/Flag Vikingur Reykjavík Vikingur Reykjavík 1
  Foto de Declan Gallagher
Declan Gallagher Defender
Badge/Flag Motherwell Motherwell 1
  Foto de Liam Scales
Liam Scales Defender
Badge/Flag Shamrock R. Shamrock R. 1
  Foto de Seanan Clucas
Seanan Clucas Midfielder
Badge/Flag Glentoran Glentoran 1
  Foto de Shola Shodiya
Shola Shodiya Forward
Badge/Flag Hibernians Hibernians 1
  Foto de Lucas Ramos
Lucas Ramos Midfielder
Badge/Flag KF Laci KF Laci 1
  Foto de Julian von Moos
Julian von Moos Forward
Badge/Flag Basilea Basilea 1
  Foto de Okriashvili
Okriashvili Midfielder
Badge/Flag Anorthosis Anorthosis 1
  Foto de Andrew Boyle
Andrew Boyle Defender
Badge/Flag Dundalk Dundalk 1
  Foto de Aegir Jarl Jónasson
Aegir Jarl Jónasson Forward
Badge/Flag KR Reykjavik KR Reykjavik 1
  Foto de Tamm
Tamm Defender
Badge/Flag Desna Desna 1
  Foto de Rauno Sappinen
Rauno Sappinen Forward
Badge/Flag Flora Flora 1
  Foto de Amar Rahmanovic
Amar Rahmanovic Midfielder
Badge/Flag FK Sarajevo FK Sarajevo 1
  Foto de Alex Júnior Christian
Alex Júnior Christian Defender
Badge/Flag Ararat-Armenia Ararat-Armenia 1
  Foto de Álex Quillo
Álex Quillo Midfielder
Badge/Flag Europa Europa 1
  Foto de Diogo Pimentel
Diogo Pimentel Midfielder
Badge/Flag CS Fola Esch CS Fola Esch 1
  Foto de Danil Glebov
Danil Glebov Midfielder
Badge/Flag Rostov Rostov 1
  Foto de Toni Borevkovic
Toni Borevkovic Defender
Badge/Flag Rio Ave Rio Ave 1
  Foto de Hristijan Grozdanoski
Hristijan Grozdanoski Defender
Badge/Flag Sileks Sileks 1
  Foto de Lukas Görtler
Lukas Görtler Midfielder
Badge/Flag St Gallen St Gallen 1
  Foto de Sebastián Coates
Sebastián Coates Defender
Badge/Flag Sp. Portugal Sp. Portugal 1
  Foto de Ross Larkin
Ross Larkin Defender
Badge/Flag Linfield FC Linfield FC 1
  Foto de Thomas Foket
Thomas Foket Defender
Badge/Flag Stade de Reims Stade de Reims 1
  Foto de Babacar
Babacar Forward
Badge/Flag Alanyaspor Alanyaspor 1
  Foto de Agustín Torassa
Agustín Torassa Midfielder
Badge/Flag SK Tirana SK Tirana 1
  Foto de Stefan Marian Cana
Stefan Marian Cana Midfielder
Badge/Flag Steaua Steaua 1
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