Abidal casts doubts over Unzue: "I'm not sure he has enough tactical knowledge"

The former Barcelona defender spoke about his old club - including Luis Enrique's decision to leave in June and Messi's new contract.

Abidal casts doubts over Unzue: "I'm not sure he has enough tactical knowledge"

Éric Abidal touched on a number of topics relating to his old club today. The former Blaugrana defender spoke about Barça's recent Champions League comeback against PSG, this month's Clásico, Leo Messi's proposed new contract and his thoughts on Juan Carlos Unzue as Luis Enrique's possible successor...

Barça's stunning comeback against PSG: "I experienced a unique moment at Camp Nou. I knew that this team could turn the tie around, even if some people thought it was impossible. That night, they showed that football is something truly incredible".

Winning the league: "It's always difficult but I have full confidence in Barça..."

F.C.BARCELONA 2016/17Luis Suárez, Leo Messi and Neymar in today's training session.

Real Madrid vs Barcelona set for Sunday 23rd April

El Clásico: "They are not decisive matches, the decisive games are the ones you play before it and after it. Winning one game means nothing if you don't win the rest".

Luis Enrique leaving the club: "He has taken that decision and we have to accept it. Only he knows the level iof stress he is under and how much he wants to continue".

F.C.BARCELONA 2016/17Luis Enrique pictured today

Barcelona's next coach

Unzue as Luis Enrique's successor: "That's for the board to decide. Obviously he knows the club and the players well. He also has a lot of tactical knowledge but wwe don't know if he has enough to be the first team coach.

Renewing Messi's contract: "Barça cannot allow themselves to lose the best player in the world. The club will always do the right thing by Leo".