Alonso: "I'm going to try to win the Indy 500"

INDY 500

Alonso: "I'm going to try to win the Indy 500"

Alonso Indy 500

Joe Skibinski

Fernando Alonso is enjoying the learning process in Indianapolis, and the camaraderie that doesn't exist in Formula 1 teams. He has set his sights on victory.

The jetlag is the only constant, and that is fading. For Fernando Alonso, the difference between the Indy 500 and Formula 1 is vast. Not least in terms of the team spirit.

Alonso values Indy 500 team

“It’s the first night that I have more or less slept well, without too much jetlag. I’m feeling better all the time, both physically and in the car. Of course, as I complete more laps, I feel better. But there are six drivers in the team with a lot of experience, and we share our feelings. I want to keep on learning from them.”

The Asturian was speaking in a press conference alongside his fellow Andretti drivers, but the majority of the questions were aimed at Fernando Alonso.

Alonso: "I'm going to try to win the Indy 500"

F1 drivers should have the same chance

He started by discussing his reasons for taking part in the Indy 500: “Having the opportunity to experiment with this event is something that any racing driver must have the chance to feel. I have the opportunity to be able to do that with McLaren and Honda, and so here I am, and I’m going to try to win.”

Alonso also spoke of the training tactics that he and his team-mates adopted.

“Tuesday was a great learning experience with the group, but it’s not about the races. You learn and you try to gain a feel for the car, for driving behind another car, and how close you can be to other cars on the corners.”

The former-F1 world champion also revealed his training on a day-by-day basis: “I’m in the simulator in the morning and in the car in the afternoon. I’m not ready yet, but I think I will be for qualification and the race.”


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