Cristiano Ronaldo's overhead kick: goal of the century!

Cristiano Ronaldo's goal is one for the history books...

Dani Carvajal sent a cross into the Juventus area, and the ball approached Cristiano Ronaldo at a height at which any footballer hailing from the world of mere mortals would have said: "Nah". But not him. As this morning's beautiful AS front page declares, the Real Madrid ace clearly comes from some other, unknown planet where the word "impossible" must not exist. He may be 33, but he certainly doesn't move like it; 23, more like. Manoeuvring his body at will, he launched himself high into the rainy Turin sky to connect with an unforgettable overhead kick that reduced goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon to the role of spectator.

Juventus fans stunned into applause for Cristiano

Much like Zinedine Zidane's magical volley in Glasgow, it was a goal that brought me to my feet, and had 'Zizou' himself raising his hands to his legendary bald bonce in disbelieving admiration for the Portuguese genius. And in a scene reserved only for the game's positively momentous feats, the strike stunned the home fans packing out the ground into a silence that then gave way to applause for the Ballon d'Or holder - and surely the winner of the next one. They had witnessed something truly great. They realised that this was a moment to appreciate what they'd just seen, and to put their side's almost certain elimination to one side.

Buffon looks on as Cristiano's acrobatic effort sails into the corner.

Real Madrid star finally has the overhead kick he'd craved

Cristiano now has the bicycle kick that he had so craved; the only goal that was missing from his illustrious, extensive collection. And he managed it on a stage wholly befitting the achievement. My son called me afterwards, his voice trembling with excitement. He knows I wasn't just telling him stories when I said to him that this is the greatest player he will ever see as long as he lives - and, like his father, he is today bursting with pride for his beloved Cristiano and Real Madrid. It's a goal that is sure to see yet further football fans from every corner of the globe become devotees of Los Blancos. And of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Best.

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