Sala's father "desperate" on hearing news missing plane has been found

Horacio Sala said he is overcome with worry following reports that a search has discovered wreckage of a plane, believed to be that which disappeared with his son on board.


Horacio Sala, father of Argentine footballer Emiliano, conceded that he is beside himself with anxiety and feeling "desperate" following news that wreckage of the Piper PA-46 Malibu plane which had been carrying his son from Nantes to Cardiff has been located in the English Channel.

"I can't believe it, I'm desperate. My wife, my two sons and a few friends of Emiliano's are there. I haven't received any news. I speak to my family every day but because I don't have Whatsapp on my phone, it's very expensive to call them or for them to call me", Horacio Sala told Crónica TV.

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Plane wreckage discovered on Sunday

Wreckage of the light aircraft was found at the weekend by search vessel FPV Morven, which had been hired privately by the player's family after several thousand euros were raised through donations. The plane was located on the first day of the search by a private boat and a vessel owned by the British Ministery of Defence, Geo Ocean III.

Oceanographer David Mearns was in charge of confirming the discovery of the missing plane and announced that the Geo Ocean III will continue the investigation this morning. "There is a substantial amount of wreckage on the seabed. Out of  respect for the family I cannot reveal any details about the discovery", Mearns told the media in Guernsey.