Raphaël Varane: "Mbappé knows; I've only told him nice things about Madrid"

Raphaël Varane, who will face PSG with Real Madrid tonight, says Kylian Mbappé would be more than welcome. "I always want him in my team" he told Le Figaro.

If it was up to Raphaël Varane, Kylian Mbappé would always be in his team. The French central defender revealed in an interview with Le Figaro that he only has good things to say about Real Madrid. Los Blancos have been keen on Mbappé for a long time and Varane, his team mate in the national team, gave him a mention ahead of tonight's Champions League clash at Parc des Princes. 

"I always want Mbappé in my team - whether it's the national team or even my club. I know all about his qualities, he's a great player. He'll spend this season in Paris but we don't know what'll happen in the future. As for Real Madrid, I've only good things to tell him about, but he already knows" Varane said.

Varane to start, Mbappé ruled out

Varane and Mbappé won't be on opposing sides at Parc des Princes later tonight. Varane will be in Zidane's starting XI but Mbappé is ruled out through injury. The Madrid defender says he's relieved he won't have to deal with the PSG striker this time. "We saw each other during the international break and I told him that it would be good if he was rested against us", Varane said with a smile. "He's a fantastic player and I wish him all the best but today, we will be doing everything we can to beat PSG - whether Mbappé plays or not. They are still finding their rhythm - like we are. They are still a very strong team on a collective level. Whoever finds the key to the game will go onto win it". 


Zidane "will take us back to the top"

Varane also praised the work Zidane has been doing on his return to Real Madrid. "He's setting us on our way to return to the top. Zidane hasn't returned just be the face of the team. He hasn't changed; he's relaxed and attentive with his players. He seems very determined to me and that's what he gets across to us," the centre-back explained. "When he talks, I listen. His experience as a player speak for itself. When he gives you advice you have to listen because it could be positive for you. Whenever he mentions my career I always listen very careful to what he has to say".