Lampard: "I couldn't coach Spurs - you can replay that in 10 years!"

The Chelsea manager wished José Mourinho all the best in his new job at Tottenham: "Things change, you have to respect his right to work".


José Mourinho's return to the Premier League has provoked a varierty of reactions. The Portuguese coach stated in 2015 that he would never manage Tottenham and those words have now come back to haunt him. Chelsea boss Frank Lampard was asked what he thought about Mou's appointment at Spurs and whether he would be tempted to switch allegiances and take up a job himself one day in N17: "I can firmly say no - and you can replay that in 10 years or whenever you want!" Lampard joked to reporters. "I wouldn't happen but I think things are different - José has worked at a lot of football clubs and we have to respect his right to work. On the other hand, I was here (at Chelsea) for 13 years as a player and have an absolutely deep feeling for the club. Chelsea is something very close to my heart. I'm so proud to manage this club and so unfortunately I wouldn't manage Tottenham - that's no disrespect to them, I have a lot of friends who are Tottenham fans. It's just that sometimes there are things that you wouldn't do".

People will judge Mourinho on his record - Lampard

Lampard believes Mourinho has all the materials he needs to make it a success at Spurs and says he was one of the first to wish him well. “We had a couple of messages, just to wish him well in his new role, as he’s always done to me – it keeps him off Sky Sports for a while which is one thing… No, but, he’s got a good team – they are a very good team. When you look at Spurs, they are a lot of people’s favourites to be in the race. I know they’ve had a difficult start but when you look at what Pochettino has built over the last few years, I’ve got a huge respect for that football club and Mourinho is taking on a group of very good players," the Chelsea manager explained. "I think history and results speak for themselves, the trophies he’s managed to win at all of the clubs he’s worked at. Things like that are not surprising as they are a result of all of the hard work you put in and he’s done that consistently. That’s how we measure him and how we measure all coaches. The other thing is that, wherever you go is a new beginning that’s why people will hold up his record and expect big things from him".

Happy days Frank Lampard and Mourinho during their time at Chelsea.

Chelsea away at City

Chelsea take on Manchester City at the Etihad later on Saturday in a game which both need to win to keep in touching distance of Liverpool. Lampard's team are eight points behind Liverpool in third place and 12 points ahead of Spurs who have slipped down to 14th.