Stores opening hours on US Election Day: Walmart, Costco, Target...

The United States goes to the polls on Tuesday, 3 November to decide the next occupant of the White House with the election causing amended business hours for certain stores.

Stores opening hours on US Election Day: Walmart, Costco, Target...

Americans go to the polls on Tuesday next to decide who will run the nation for the next four years. To ensure that every voter has the chance to cast his or her ballot, some companies have proposed to close entirely on the third with others offering employees flexible working hours on the third to permit time to vote.

Major retail outlets Election Day retail hours

Best Buy:

For the first time in its history, Best Buy will shorten their hours for Election Day. Best Buy announced on Sept. 17 that stores will open at noon on 3 November, “so our store employees have the time they need to cast a ballot in person, if they choose.”


Walmart expect to conduct normal business hours next Tuesday but Walmart store associates get three paid hours for voting if the timing of their shifts don't otherwise allow for it. They have to provide a day's notice to their supervisor, a company spokesperson told CNBC.


The Costco chain will operate with a timetable of 10:00 opening time and a 22:00 closure of their stores on 3 November.

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As is the case with Walmart, Target too will allow employees time off to cast their ballots on Tuesday with all stores expected to conduct normal weekday retail hours.