Miguel Herrera criticizes Club América fans

The former América head coach said that fans demand big signings that are sometimes impossible to make and also spoke about the future of MLS.

Miguel Herrera criticizes Club América fans

Miguel Herrera spoke about his second spell at Club América and how the fans demanded big player signings that were impossible to make. Arturo Vidal, who was rumored to be on his way after leaving FC Barcelona, is a case in point but the Mexican head coach explained why it is unlikely players of Vidal's stature would join Club América.

“The fans wanted me to sign Messi, Cristiano and then they were demanding me to sign Arturo Vidal. Sometimes they talk too much bullshit when it comes to signings each semester. Vidal’s salary is impossible to pay in Mexico and on top of that he has offers from big European clubs, so América fans have to be more realistic,” said Herrera in the podcast Sin Llorar.

Herrera’s opinion about MLS

Herrera and Club América parted ways in December after he got into a fight with an assistant coach from LAFC and because he failed to lift a trophy in the last semester of 2020. Now he is a free agent and his goal is to coach a team in Europe, but he wouldn’t say no to a Major League Soccer job if offered.

“MLS is growing year-after-year and when they get rid of their salary cap, they will be one of the best leagues in the world without a doubt. Right now they are not competing with the Mexican league, they are competing with European clubs with the signing of players. We have seen that MLS teams pay up to $20 million for a young player from South America.

If I am offered a job in MLS and I believe in the project, I would take it without a doubt. Also an advantage in the United States league is that they respect the coaches' processes even if the results are not there in the beginning,” said Herrera.