Beer responsible for over 11% of broken mobile phones, poll finds

A survey conducted by the second-hand mobile phone retailer CertiDeal has shed light on the frequency with which liquid damage spells the end for our devices.

Beer responsible for over 11% of broken mobile phones, poll finds

Have you ever had to get a new mobile phone because you spilled liquid on it and it couldn’t be repaired? It happens to a lot of people.

Although many phones now come with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating that means they are resistant to being sprayed, splashed or even fully submerged in water for a number of minutes, it’s fair to say moisture and electronic devices still don’t mix.

A quarter of survey respondents say phone broken by liquid damage

According to a poll carried out by CertiDeal, in which the second-hand mobile phone retailer asked consumers about their reasons for purchasing a new device, a broken phone is the chief reason: 65% said their previous handset was out of action.

And when it comes to why that mobile phone was broken, the survey - published by the news agency Europa Press - found that 25% of all its respondents had had to do away with their old phone because of liquid damage.

Beer is a particular danger to mobile phones' well-being, it appears.

Beer involved in over one in ten phone-breaking accidents

What type of liquid, and how did the accident take place? According to CertiDeal’s poll, the breakdown of moisture-related mishaps reported by its customers is as follows:

(NB: The percentages given are proportionate to all types of mobile-phone breakages, not only those involving liquids.)

How liquid damage does for our mobile phones

  • Flush out of luck: 21% of all reported accidents involved a mobile phone being dropped down the toilet
  • Beware of the beer: Spilled drinks accounted for 17% of breakages, with beer proving the particular bane of the mobile phone: 11.4% of handsets replaced after a mishap had had the beverage accidentally tipped on them
  • Wave goodbye to your mobile: 5% of broken phones had been placed out of commission by coming into contact with the sea, where the salt water is far more harmful to electronic devices than regular water
  • Hot-tub hazard: 7.9% of accidents involved swimming pools or jacuzzis

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