Niners' Shanahan tight lipped about Week 1 starting QB

San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan has not yet announced a starting quarterback for the start of the regular season. The Niners will play the Lions in Week 1.

Niners' Shanahan tight lipped about Week 1 starting QB
Kirby Lee USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco has had one of the most under the microscope quarterback battles of the preseason, but media pressure won’t force Niners coach Kyle Shanahan into announcing his Week 1 starter anytime soon.

No word yet on Niners Week 1 QB

The 49ers made a big splash this offseason when they traded up in the draft to get a chance at one of the top quarterbacks in this years stacked draft class. San Francisco took Trey Lance with the third overall pick back in late April.

Incumbent quarterback Jimmy Garropolo took the Niners to the Super Bowl two seasons ago, but Shanahan was looking towards the future when San Fran decided to make a trade to get a crack at a quarterback in the early part of the first round.

Shanahan: I don't need to announce the quarterback

Earlier in the preseason Shanahan assured their would be no open quarterback competition coming into this season, but his reluctance to name a Week 1 signal caller has invited speculation as to whether Garropolo will start the season under center.

"I don't need to announce the quarterback, I don't think I need to announce the starting punt returner, either, but I bet you guys could figure it out," Shanahan said.

Majority of the preseason snaps went to Lance

Lance took the majority of the snaps this preseason, passing for 276 yards, three touchdowns and an interception. The three trail runs were Lance’s first real action since before Covid. Last year Lance played just one game at North Dakota State, but the dual threat quarterback’s 2019 season was enough for NFL teams to have him on the top of their draft board.

Garropolo, who played significantly less than Lance, had just 105 yards in three games, with no touchdowns or interceptions.

Niners being cautious with Lance's injured finger

Lance is recovering from a chipped finger which will keep him out for about a week, but Shanahan is taking the matter with the upmost caution. "I mean, anytime you've got a small chip, it could linger," Shanahan said.

"I hope it doesn't, I'm hoping he's back there next Monday. He seems positive about it. But we gotta be smart with it, too. Sometimes when it's a real little thing like that, it's hard to believe it's still hurt. But we gotta make sure he doesn't go back out there and have a setback right away, too."