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La Palma volcano: eruption, tsunami warning | Canary Islands | Summary news, 18 October

The Cumbre Vieja volcano spews lava and smoke as it continues to erupt on the Canary Island of La Palma, as seen from El Paso, Spain, October 17, 2021. REUTERS/Sergio Perez

La Palma volcano eruption: live updates


- Volcanic activity enters 30th day on Tuesday, having begun on 19 September

- Lava flow now covers surface area of 811.8hectares according to Copernicus radar imaging, with 22.2 hectares added in just seven hours

- 35,000 earthquakes and tremors recorded in La Palma during the past month

- Nearly 2,000 buildings destroyed by lava flow

- Cumbre Vieja eruption the "most important since 1585", according to Copernicus

- No short or medium term end to eruption claim experts, as more La Palma residents forced to evacuate

- Lava forming huge delta on La Palma coast

- Delta has claimed around 40 hectares of new land from the Atlantic

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Stunning footage of the river of hot lava flowing from the Cumbre Vieja volcano last night, posted by Europa Press...

Latest Copernicus update

Copernicus has relased its latest updated based on radar imagery acquired on 17 October at 18:56 UTC:

- Lava flow now covering 811.6 hectates, an increase 22.2 hectares in 7 hours.

- 1,956 buildings destroyed (+121 in7 hours)

Images of the Cumbre Vieja eruption

The Canary Islands Volcanology Institute has shared these photos taken of the Cumbre Vieja eruption on Monday evening:

La Palma volcano

A woman shelters from volcanic ash under an umbrella on Monday, as the Cumbre Vieja volcano continues to erupt on La Palma.

(Photo: REUTERS/Susana Vera)

"Breathtaking" Involcan video of eruption

The Canary Islands Volcanology Institute (Involcan) has shared this striking video footage, filmed this evening, of lava flowing from the Cumbre Vieja volcano:

Man sweeps volcanic ash off a roof

A man sweeps volcanic ash off a roof terrace on Monday, as smoke from Cumbre Vieja volcano's lava rises in the background.

(Photo: REUTERS/Susana Vera)

Where are most volcanoes located?


Where are most volcanoes located?

Volcanism is responsible for over 80 percent of Earth’s surface both above and below sea level, but where are most volcanoes located today?

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Lava flow continues to make roads impassable

The Canary Islands Volcanology Institute is continuing to monitor the progess of the lava flow and its cutting off of major roads on La Palma, with several now impassable and some 35km of highways affected.

la palma

Canaries president: "No end in sight"

There is no immediate end in sight to the volcanic eruption that has caused chaos on the Spanish isle of La Palma since it began about a month ago, the president of the Canary Islands said.

There were 42 seismic movements on the island on Sunday, the largest of which measured 4.3, according to the Spanish National Geographical Institute.

"There are no signs that an end of the eruption is imminent even though this is the greatest desire of everyone," President Angel Víctor Torres said at a Socialist party conference in Valencia on Sunday, citing the view of scientists.

Streams of lava have laid waste to more than 742 hectares (1833 acres) of land and destroyed almost 2,000 buildings on La Palma since the volcano started erupting on September 19.

About 7,000 people have been evacuated from their homes on the island, which has about 83,000 inhabitants. 


Operation to rescue trapped dogs with drones

Technicians from Aerocamaras, the company which has taken on the task of rescuing a number of pet dogs from a water tank on La Palma have arrived on the island and is preparing what will be a complicated operation. Technicians will use drones capable of carrying weights of up to 24 kilos with nets to transport the animals, one by one, to safety. 



Children return to class as schools reopen

School children in Tazacorte, El Paso and Los Llanos were allowed to return to the classroom today, the Canary Islands Education Department announced. Attendance was reported at around 90% for the first day back. Schools have been closed since the volcano erruption began on 19 September  90%.


Volcanic ash covers a car windscreen in El Paso, La Palma today. Pic: REUTERS/Susana Vera.

Experts making new discoveries in study of magmatic gases

Mike Burton, professor of volcanology at Manchester University has been posting updates on the studies being made by his team on La Palma.

La Palma volcano erruption to reach landmark tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tuesday 19 October, will mark one month since Cumbre Vieja began errupting. The lava which has been emitted by the volcano during that time covers almost 800 hectares of the island and is almost two kilometres wide in some parts. Authorities are most concerned with the spill from the northern face of the volcano which could reach the Atlantic over the next few days.

Air quality remains a serious concern

PEVOLCA Technical Director Miguel Angel Morcuende expressed concerns about the high levels of sulphur dioxide on La Palma and advised anyone with health issues to remain indoors unless it is necessary to go out onto the street. "We have a clear problem with air quality due to the layer of thermal inversion on top of another issue which is the particles in suspension, which are giving high readings across the island due to the warm front coming in from the Sahara".

He recommended that residents in El Paso remain indoors this evening between the hours of 14: 00 - 21: 00 when winds are expected to pick up and wear an FFP2 mask if they venture outside.



Lava flow is at a standstill

Lava flowing out of Cumbre Vieja on La Palma has slowed considerably and is now almost at a standstill. PEVOLCA Technical Director Miguel Ángel Morcuende explained that the main stream of lava on the northern face of the volcano is currently about 160 metres from the coast and "hardly moving at all, less than two metres an hour". Nevertheless, Maria Jose Blanco, director of the National Geographic Institute confirmed that they are not expecting the northern stream of lava to reach the sea at any point today.


La Palma

La Palma continues to count the toll of volcanic erruption

Almost 2,000 buildings have been destroyed on La Palma since Cunbre Vieja began errupting a month ago. The current figure stands at 1,956 buildings which have been lost with a further 61 at risk according to the latest data from Copernicus.

Drones helping to keep trapped dogs fed

Several drone companies are working with local authorities to provide food for dogs and other animals trapped by the lava. The video below posted by Spanish outlet La Vanguardia shows the work in action....

40 earthquakes registered since midnight

It is now 11.22am in the Canary Islands and since midnight, more than 40 earthquakes have been detected by Spain's Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN), as reported by El País. The largest had a magnitude of 4.6 and occurred in Villa de Mazo.

Fernando Alonso supports La Palma

Spanish Formula 1 star Fernando Alonso has revealed a special helmet he will wear for next weekend's US Grand Prix in support of the people of La Palma...


In pictures: People shelter from volcanic ashes as they watch the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupting on the Canary Island of La Palma, as seen from Tajuya, Spain, October 18, 2021. (Photo: REUTERS/Susana Vera)

Locals are "at the mercy of the volcano"

Four weeks after the volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma first erupted, local officials and experts are warning that there is no end in sight. Lava continues to pour from the volcano, which has seen thousands of islanders forced to evacuate their homes. 

“We are at the mercy of the volcano,” Canary Islands President Ángel Víctor Torres told reporters. “It’s the only one who can decide when this ends.”

South-flowing lava stream 200m from sea

The south-flowing lave stream from Cumbre Vieja volcano is now just 200 meters from the sea, prompting authorities to step protection measures in the Tazacorte area, due to possible explosions and the emission of harmful gases.


La Palma airport returns to operation

Canary Islands flag carrier Binter has reported that its first flight landed in La Palma this morning after almost two days of inactivity at La Palm airports due to the volcanic ash cloud caused by the Cumbre Vieja volcano

Latest update from Copernicus

Coperinicus EMS has released its 24th update on the Cumbre Vieja volcanic eruption using optical imagery acquired on 17 Oct. at 11:47 UTC.

- Lava now now covering 789.6 hectares, up 35.8 hectares in 41 hours

- Number of destroyed builiding now stands at 1,835 (+121)

35,000 earthquakes and tremors recorded in La Palma during the past month

Minor quakes have been registered in La Palma over the past four weeks with the most intense being recorded just yesterday (16 October) registering 4.6 degrees.

La Palma volcano eruption updates: welcome

Hello and welcome to our live blog for Monday 19 October 2021, bringing you the latest updates and information on the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma.

The lava first began flowing way back on 19 September and many believed it would be short lived. As we now know, this was a long way from what has transpired since.


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