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League of Legends Arcane: who is who in the show? characters and cast

The first Act of the new Netflix animated League of Legends Arcane TV series brings familiar faces to the screen and introduces new ones, who are they?

The first Act of the new Netflix animated League of Legends Arcane TV series brings familiar faces to the screen and introduces new ones, who are they?

The popular video game League of Legends is exploring new frontiers, making the jump to an animated TV series Arcane on Netflix. The show will bring to life the background stories of the main League of Legends champions from the game, as well from what can be seen in the trailers and sneak peaks some new characters will be introduced.

For those unfamiliar with League of Legends Arcane, it’s the story of one society that has been split in two. Piltover is a wealthy utopian city which sits on the clifftops above Zaun, a seedy city built in the canyons below, existing in a perpetual smoggy twilight. The two exist in symbiosis but the advent of a new technology which allows a person to control magic, hextech, is threatening the balance between the two.

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Who are the characters in League of Legends Arcane?

The Arcane TV series will explore the origin stories of iconic characters from the video game franchise as well as bringing some new faces that will help fill in the story. The show will consist of nine episodes broken into three Acts. Here’s a look at who the main characters…

Vi (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld)

In the League of Legends, Vi, Violet, is a Piltover Warden tasked with keeping the peace, however in the trailer we see her sitting in a prison cell. She was originally a criminal from the grimmy streets of Zaun, where she honed her survival skills growing up practically alone. It appears that the story will revolve around her search for her younger sister. She is impulsive, has a short fuse and wields a pair of hextech gauntlets that pack a fearsome punch.

Jinx (voiced by Ella Purnell)

Jinx, Powder, in the video game is walking chaos carrying a lethal arsenal of weapons, and especially loves to see things go “boom”! She lives in Zaun where she carries out her criminal activities spreading mayhem and panic.

It appears though that at one time she got in over her head. One of the core stories in Arcane is her sister Vi's search to find Powder after they became separated.

Caitlyn (voiced by Katie Leung)

In League of Legends, Caitlyn is a crack shot with a steady temperment, and one of Piltover’s finest Wardens using her superior intellect to ensnare criminals that dare to disturb the utopic peace. In the animated series she comes from a prominent family who is aiding Jayce in his research as his patrons. From the Arcane trailer, we know that Caitlyn and Vi will pair up. There are even rumors among fans that the two are a couple but that has yet to pan out.

Viktor (voiced by Harry Lloyd)

Viktor is a scientist who desires to push the bounds of technological achievement to bring about humanity's full potential. He wants to bring the utopia of Piltover to the people of Zaun having come from there himself. In the videogame he is a Cyborg giant but as the TV series delves into the origins of the characters, this genius starts out as just weak flesh and bone, but with an incredibly powerful intellect. Those smarts get him a position at the Academy working as assistant to Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger.

Jayce (voiced by Kevin Alejandro)

Jayce, like Viktor, is also an inventor pushing the limits to achieve ever greater progress and will do everything in his power to protect Piltover. In that pursuit he uses a hextech hammer that can deliver a crushing blow. Arcane introduces us to a young scientist who is trying to control the power of the arcane, or magic, through science. But he will be warned "The arcane is dangerous.. A force of nature science cannot control..."


Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger, is a brilliant yet eccentric scientist. He belongs to a race of spirits, the Yordle, which come from a mystical place known as Bandle City on Runeterra. In League of Legends he invents incredible and lethal machinery in his pursuit of answers to the universe's most impenetrable questions.

In Arcane he is the Dean of the Academy and Head of the Council, just a sprite 307 years old. He has seen much beyond Piltover and wants to keep the city from going down a dangerous path that he has seen before. "You don't understand what's at stake, but how could you? That's a burden that only I can carry."

Mel (voiced by Toks Olagundoye)

Mel is an enigma who doesn’t come from League of Legends lore, that we know of yet. She is one of the new characters that will play a role is developing the back stories of the other heros. Mel is the richest person in Piltover but the poorest where she comes from. She is part of the Academy's council but she isn't originally from Piltover, but from Medarda. That would connect her to Jae of Medarda in League of Legends, "Heir apparent to Piltover's prestigious Clan Medarda"

Silco (voiced by Jason Spisak)

Silco is one of the main antagonists of Arcane, but new to League of Legends lore, or is he? The common consensus is that Silco is really Singed, a Zaunite alchymist and mad scientist. Highly intelligent but with no moral boundaries to limit his desire to gain more knowledge. In Arcane he is a criminal mastermind, who wants to finish what he started to free Zaun from the yoke of Piltover.

Vander (voiced by JB Blanc)

Vander is another new character brought to life in the Arcane TV series. Vander takes Violet and Powder, Vi and Jinx by their champion names, under his care after their parents died in an Zaun uprising. He runs The Last Drop bar where we see Jinx at the beginning of the shows theme song “Enemy” performed by Imagine Dragons and & JID. Who is Vander though in the League of Legends lore? The best guess is that he is Warwick.


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