NO 0 6 6 9 21
TEN 3 10 7 3 23


New Orleans Saints 21-23 Tennessee Titans summary: score, stats, highlights | NFL Week 10



Saints v Titans live

It's fiesta time for Fulton.

Foreman with a big reception on the screen pass

Tannehill with the QB keeper for the TD right before the half.

Smith got the first touchdown of the game, but the subsequential missed PAT would be a big part of the storyline for the Saints.

Johnson got the Titans going with this 50 yard catch and run to set up the opening field goal of the game.

Thte Saints will look back on this game as one they will could have and maybe should have won, but penalties killed them at pivotal times of the game.

The two penalties at the end of the half, and the flag on the two point conversion diminished the Saints hopes at a comeback.


The Titans recover the onside kick and they survive yet another week without Derrick Henry.

Tennessee gets win number 8 on the year, while the Saints drop to 5-4 after their second straight loss.

Another flag on the Saints at a pivotal time. This time it's Trautman who jumped early, and that backs up the Saints to the 7 yard line on the two point conversion.

Siemian's pass was incomplete and it looks like the Titans are going to hold on for their 8th win of the season..


On 3rd and 13, Siemian tosses a dime to Callaway for a 15 yard touchdown!!!!

The Saints need a two point conversion to tie it up


On 3rd and 13, Siemian tosses a dime to Callaway for a 15 yard touchdown!!!!

The Saints need a two point conversion to tie it up

Harris on the comeback route takes it and gets up the sideline for a gain of 17. 1st and 10 from the TEN 12 and that takes us to the Two Minute Warning.

Siemian looking for another big shot down the right side to to Callaway, but the pass was overthrown.

The Saints start their drive at their 29 yard line and go deep right off the bat.

Siemian hits Callaway for 22 yards to the 50 yard line!!!

McNichols is stopped for no gain of 3rd and 15, and the Saints get that stop they needed.

4th and long coming up with 3:41 to go, Saints call a timeout.

Alexander drops Peterson for a loss of 5, and the Titans staring down 2nd and 15 with under 4 minutes to go.

There's the first first down to keep the clock winding closer to the end the game. Peterson with two rushes for 11 yards.

It's time for Foreman and the O line to step up and prove once again they can win with the run game without Derrick Henry.

The Saints need a quick stop down by 8.


Johnson hits the 20 yard field goal, after the Titans held the Saints after New Orleans had two cracks at 1st and Goal.

Titans lead 23-15 with 5:33 left in the fourth.

The Saints got a second chance at a touchdown from the TEN 4 after Siemian can't hit Smith in the corner of the endzone.

An offensive pass interference backed up the Saints up to the 13, and on third down Seimian almost hit Smith who couldn't keep his feet in bounds, but a defensive holding call on Byard will give New Orleans 1st and Goal at the TEN 4.

Siemian with his second big pass play of the drive, this time to Johnson for 26 yards and the Saints will have 1st and Goal from the TEN 3.

New Orleans says NOT SO FAST!!! Siemian hits Ingram on the wheel route for a 34 yard catch and run, and the Saints are on the TEN 34.

The Titans playing it safe on third and goal from the 22 after Tannehill got sacked , and right after a false start made it 3rd and impossible.

The Titans settle for a field goal after the Foreman 40 yard run.

Will a 10 point advantage be enought for the Titans to hold of the Saints for the next 10:01

And there's the big play the Titans were looking for!! Foreman runs left and busts a 39 yard gain down to the NO 9 yards line.

A two yard pass from Tannehill to Swaim will move the sticks and and keep the clock running.

I know it's early but this has been a low scoring game, if they can run some clock and make this a two possession game it could spell trouble for the New Orleans.

End of 3rd Q

The Titans get get another break after Tannehill fumbles on a run to the right, but it's recovered by Brown at the TEN 38.

And that's how the third quarter ends. The Titans will have a 1st and 10 to start the fourth quarter.

Siemian going deep to White down the middle of the field on 3rd and 7, but the pass was in and out of his hand.

The Titans get the ball at the TEN 27, looking to extend the lead

The Titans go three and out for a second straight possession.
Their defense comes right back on the field after an 11 play touchdown drive by the Saints.

This is still a one possession game, despite all of the Saints self inflicted wounds.

Touchdown Saints!!!

Ingram breaking tackles and busting into the endzone for a 13 yard touchdown!!

The Saints cut into the lead, but Johnson missed the PAT so the Titans are up 20-12.

Siemian hits Hill on the crossing route for 15 yards. QB to QB puts the Saints inside the TEN 35.

A bit of good news for the Saints who get their first first down since the second quarter.

The Titans spoil their good field position by going three and out after a Tannehill sack on thrid down.

NO get the ball at the 13, down 20-6 with 9:05 to go in the third quarter.

The Saints go from bad to worse, after giving up possession on the kick off coming out of the halftime break, and now go three and out.

The Titans will get the ball at their 48 yard line after a personal foul face mask call is flagged against NO's Washington

The Saints go from bad to worse, after giving up possession on the kick off coming out of the halftime break, and now go three and out.

The Titans will get the ball at their 48 yard line after a personal foul face mask call is flagged against NO's Washington


Tannehill hits Pruitt on the right side for a 2 yard TD!!! Five plays after the turnover the Titans extend the lead.

The Titans lead 20-6 three minutes into the third quarter.

The Titans take over at the NO 19 after the fumble, Peterson and Foreman pick up 8 yards on a couple runs and then Tannehill hits Johnson for a 10 yard pitch and catch.

1st and Goal from the NO 1.


The second half is underway, and the Saints get the ball on the kickoff.. Or will they??

Harris fumbles on the kickoff and it's recovered by the Titans!!!

Disasterous start for the Saints.

Tannehill on the keeper up the middle after a handful of penalties gave the Titans chance after chance.

The Saints took the lead on Siemians pass to Smith.

Johnson on the big gainer to open up the scoring

Tannehill vs. Siemian in the first half

Face to Face
Passing longest
Passing yards
Passing completion percentage
Passing touchdown

The Titans have been aided by the Saints mistakes, but their running game is feeling the effects of no Derrick Henry.

Tennessee Titans
  • 188Yards offensive
  • 149Passing yards
  • 39Rushing yards
  • 16.7Third down conversion rate

The Titans lead the Saints after a mistake filled second quarter for New Orleans.

Siemian is sacked a coulpe times in a row, and a false start backs the Saints up from the TEN 35 to the TEN 47.

With 5 seconds New Orleans couldn't kick the FG, so they pass on 3rd and 22 to Trautman, but the clock winds down and the 1st half comes to an end.

Siemian with a big play on second down deep down the right sideline for a gain of 21.

Timeout Titans after an injury stops the clock.

If the Saints loose this game, they will look back on those two penalties inside the 10 yard line.


Tannehill on the keeper up the middle and the Titans finally punch it in!

Titans lead 13-6 with 1:38 in the second quarter.

The Titans gets another break!!! Flags are killing the Saints right now. Tennessee seems like they don't want to score, and the Saints look like they are dying for the Titans to score.

A pass interfernce penalty on 3rd down will give the Titans a first and Goal at the 1 yard line.

The Titans gets another break!!! Flags are killing the Saints right now. Tennessee seems like they don't want to score, and the Saints look like they are dying for the Titans to score.

A pass interfernce penalty on 3rd down will give the Titans a first and Goal at the 1 yard line.

The Titans had Brown wide open in the end zone, but the TD was called back after a false start on Frisker.

2nd and Goal from the NO 8.

Tannehill is picked off in the endzone by Williams, but are let off the hook after a roughing the passer penalty on Elliss the Titans will get another crack at the endzone.

It was an iffy call to say the least, but he refs are protecting the quarterbacks these days, sometimes at a ridiculous level.

1st and Goal is coming up after the Two Minute Warning. The Titans have a chance to take the lead right before the half. But they have to punch it in, something they have yet to do today.

The Titans use a little trickeration as Tannehill hits Brown, that was the second 16 yard gain, And the Titans are deep in New Orleans territory.

Siemian hits Smith on the right side of the endzone to take the lead.

The Saints move the chains because of a defensive holding call, but can't carry on the drive and after a a run from Ingram, and two Siemian incompletions.

GIllikin's punt is returned 9 yards to the TEN 44.


Tannehill hits McNichols in the flat on the right side, but picks up two yards on 3rd and 4.

Bullock hits the 36 yard field goal and we have a tie ball game at Nissan Stadium.

Tannehill hits Westbrook-Inhike for 10 yard gain on 3rd and 11, on 4th and 1 the Saints are flagged for an illegal substitution and the Titans move the chains without even having to snap the ball.

Tannehill to Johnson on the big play to set up the Titans field goal

Tannehill hits Swaim on the first play of the drive, and the Titans are close to Saints territory.

Both offenses are starting to warm up after a slow first quarter.

What a drive from the Saints! The big play was the 46 yard reception that set the tone for Siemian and New Orleans.


Siemian hits Smith on the right side of the endzone for an 11 yard touchdown. Johnson's PAT is no good!!

Saints lead 6-3 with 12:59 to go in the second quarter.

Siemian goes deep on the first play of the second quarter, to Harris for a huge gain of 46. 1st and 10 on the TEN 25.

End of 1st Q

Ingram with a couple rushes for a total of 4 yards, and that brings us to the end of the first quarter.

Titans lead 3-0 going into the second.


Tannehill's pass to McNIchols is in and out of the hands of McNIchols on third down from the 10 yard line.

Bullock hits the 28 yard field goal and the Titans have the first lead of the game. Tennessee lead 3-0 with 58 seconds to go in the first

Another first down for the Titans, this time on a pass from Tannehill to Foreman.

1st and 10 from the NO 15.

The Titans take over from the 20 and on the second play of the drive TEN gets their first first down of the game, and then some!

Tannehill hits Johnson for a gain of 50 yards, and he gets down to the NO 26.

An illegal hands to the face call against McCoy will back the Saints up and put a road block on the NO drive, and then a sack on Siemian puts the Saints out of field goal position, and they will have to punt on 4th and 21.

We get our first look at Taysom Hill, as he runs left and picks up 11. NO are on the TEN 27.

Trautman on the screen pass takes it 7 yards on first down. and then Ingram moves the chains with a 5 yard run.

The Saints defense is looking stout to come out of the gate. Peterson gained two yards on first down, but Tannehill's next two passes were incomplete and the Titans go three and out yet again.

Harris returns the punt 4 yards to the TEN 49. Great field position for New Orleans on their second possession.

8:08 left in the first quarter.

The Titans will take over inside their own 10 after the punt leaves them on the 8 yard line.

Pre game form

How the Saints and Titans came into the game

After the sack, the Saints had 3rd and long, and Siemian couldn't connect on the sideline pass to Callaway.

The Saints took over from their 35 yard line, and it took them four plays to get over midfield.

On the first play in Titans territory Siemian gets sacked for a loss of 8.

The Titans go three and out on the first possession of the game. Not a great start to the game, Trevor Siemian will take the field for the first time today.

Start of the 1st Q

We are underway from Nashville!!! The Titans get the ball to start the ball game.

According to Ceasars sportsbook the Titans are 3 point favorites at home with the Over/Under set at 42.5

The Saints defense preparing for battle.

The Titans getting ready for action

The Saints fans know how to party.

The Titans pulling up to Nissan Stadium with some drip.

Siemian started his season with a bang after Winston was hurt early in the first half of the Bucs game. QB2 came in and threw for 16/29 for 159 yards and a touchdown.

The back up had a better week in his first start of the season in a losing effort againts the the Falcons. He went 25/41 for 249 and two touchdowns, but it wasn't enough for to seal the win for Atlanta.

Two of each teams top stars are out tonight and for the forseeable future.

Jameis Winston tore his ACL in the Saints win over the Bucs, while Derrick Henry finished a sub par game against the Colts in Week 8, but went to the operating table shortly after.

While Henry has a chance of coming back this year Winston has been out for the season leaving the QB responsibilities to Trevor Siemian

The Tennessee Titans had a huge win last week over the Los Angeles Rams. The 28-16 Monday Night win on the road was Mike Vrable and the Titans way of announcing to the league that they were not going to fold over just because they lost their star and NFL MVP candidate Derrick Henry for 6-10 weeks after foot surgery.

Here is a breakdown of the NFC standings with nine weeks left in the season. The NFC South is starting to heat up towards the final stretch.

DALDallas Cowboys
PHIPhiladelphia Eagles
NYGNew York Giants
WASWashington Football Team
GBGreen Bay Packers
MINMinnesota Vikings
CHIChicago Bears
DETDetroit Lions
TBTampa Bay Buccaneers
NONew Orleans Saints
ATLAtlanta Falcons
CARCarolina Panthers
ARIArizona Cardinals
LARLos Angeles Rams
SEASeattle Seahawks
SFSan Francisco 49ers

The New Orleans Saints are coming off a shocking 27-25 loss to the Atlanta Falcons last week. This came just a week after handing the Tampa Bay Bucs a their second loss of the season to take the brief lead in the NFC South.

Hello everyone and welcome to NIssan Stadium for today's Week 10 showdown between two top teams of the AFC and the NFC.

Today two teams at the top of their respective conference standings will battle, but will do so short handed as both the Saints and the Titans were dealt heavy injury blows over the last few weeks. AS English will be keeping you up to the minute with live scores stats and highlights of today’s Tennessee vs New Orleans game from Nissan Stadium.