When do 2021 Black Friday deals start?

Another year and more sales are demanded as we head up to the holiday season, especially after the disruption caused across the covid-19 pandemic.

When do 2021 Black Friday deals start?

These days you're hard pressed to find someone - at least someone with access to shops or the internet - that isn't aware of the Black Friday event (if you're one of them we pulled this together just for you). In 2021, as per other years, the popular bargain day is set for the fourth Friday in November, the day after Thanksgiving in the United States.

Black Friday is a relatively recent invention but one that has quickly become an important date in the diary for people looking to get some incredible offers in the lead up to Christmas. Many outlets push out discounts of varying degrees across their product ranges or offer up limited edition items. And on the back of the pandemic troubles that hit hard last year, this year is expected to see another huge focus.

Black Friday 2021 will be on 26 November

So, Black Friday will go ahead this year on Friday, shock, 26 November and that will be followed, as is now tradition, with Cyber Monday a few days later on 29 November. Expect the majority of retailers to have offers running throughout the entire weekend.

Pre-Black Friday sales already available

Most of the pandemic restrictions may be behind us - although safety guidance is still in place in many establishments - but many people continue to avoid the local brick-and-mortar options, with online behemoths like Amazon reaping the rewards. Jeff Bezos is doing so well he can even afford to pop into space for a few minutes!

And as the trend grows, the likes of Walmart, Target, and Best Buy and many others have also given the green light to sales teams to get ahead of the game by launching 'pre-Black Friday' offers. By the time you read this you may have already benefited from some deals.

With that in mind, when the pre-Christmas sales end is hard to say, as retailers will be keen to squeeze out as much as possible over the final few weeks of the year.

While some shoppers are reluctant to return to the high street - it's so much comfier at home - online sales are predicted to continue to benefit and could reach new record levels when the official event arrives. It is expected that in the United States, consumers will spend around $50 billion on Black Friday.

Head along to your favourite stores and check out what's on offer, although it's always a good idea to go knowing what you want to buy so that your basket doesn't fill up with unnecessary items due to seductive marketing. The guys at are a very good source of comparison.

Another tip is to not always get overly excited by the stated discount - check previous prices and at competitors' stores before pressing the pay button.