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Green Bay Packers GB
Minnesota Vikings MIN
GB 3 7 7 14 31
MIN 9 7 7 11 34

Packers 31 vs. 34 Vikings summary: score, stats and highlights | Week 11

The Minnesota Vikings kicked a last second field goal to beat the Green Bay Packers. The Vikings move to 5-5 while the Packers have lost two of three.

Rodgers stretching the play out, and Adams imporvising towards the back of the endzone

Jefferson didn't get the touchdown in the first quarter, but got redemption in the third.

Josiah Deguara caught his first career touchdown on this sick throw from Aaron Roders.

Cousins to Thielen to take the two touchdown lead in the second quarter.

Jefferson got started early and didn't slow down.

Green Bay Packers
  • 467Yards offensive
  • 95Rushing yards
  • 372Passing yards
  • 92Penalty yards
Minnesota Vikings
  • 408Yards offensive
  • 90Rushing yards
  • 318Passing yards
  • 3Passing touchdown

That was one of the best games I've seen all year. The Packers battle back after laying a dud in the first half. Only to see Minnesota orchistrate a last minute drive to halt the Green Bay Packers.


Joseph drills the 29 yard field goal after an 8 play 64 yard drive led by Kirk Cousins!!!

What a game from U.S. Bank Stadium!!!

The Vikings are going to take a knee to wind down the clock. They want the final say, and it will be their kicker Greg Joseph with a chance to have the final say.

Cook gets 12 yards on a run to the left and the Vikings have a 1st and Goal situation from the GB 7

Thielen on the comeback route, turns up field and picks up 26 yards. 1st and 10 from the GB 19

Cook picks up the first down on the pass to the flat and the Vikings are in GB territory.

Two Minute Warning

Cousins finds Jefferson for a first down on a 6 yard complettion and that takes us to the Two Minute Warning.

The call was reversed and the Vikings will get the ball back on 2nd down.

SAVAGE COMES UP WITH THE PICK!!! But that will be reviewed and I think it's coming back.

He looked like he juggled it after the hitting the ground.

Minnesota have 2:08 to go and will start on the drive on the MIN 25


WHAT IS GOING ON!!! Rodgers hits Valdes-Scantling on a one punch 75 yard touchdown on the first play of the drive!!!

We are all tied up from U.S. Bank Stadium!!!

Here we go!! Packers take over from their own 25.

The Vikings lead by 7 with 2:17 to go in the fourth quarter.


Cousins was about to get rushed and released a prayer to Jefferson who checked back, made the catch and walked it into the endzone!!!

The two point conversion is good on after the end around to Cook!!!

Vikings take the lead back!!

The Vikings are at that point in the game where they have to make a decision.

Do we score as quick as we can? Or do we try to run some time off the clock to prevent Rodgers from getting the ball back.

Under 3 to go.

Theiler on the screen out in the flat, for 7 yards. 1st and 10 fromt he GB 40.

6:00 minutes to go in the fourth quarter

Cousins continues to counter! 19 yards connection to Osborn and the Vikings are suddenly driving.

Don't forget he has one of the top passer ratings in the league.

Adams was wide open!

The Packers lead for first time today!!


Rodgers was in heavy pressure, but held on until the last minute and released a lob right into the hands of a wide open Adams on the 18 yard TD pass.

There was confusion because it looked like Rodgers wanted to call a timeout but the ball was snapped and he made the most of it.

What a creative play on 3rd and 1!!! Rodgers hands it off to the full back to options it back to Dillon for a gain of 7 yards.

1st and 10 from the MIN 22.

Rodgers finds St. Brown in the flat and he makes something out of nothing. 26 yards on the catch and run and the Packers are in MIN territory.

A 2nd down pass to Adams is good for 13 yards, and on 3rd down Rodgers goes back to Adams over the middle. He got popped but held on to the pass and moves the chians.

1st and 10 from the GB 36.

A couple runs by Dillon is good enought for a first down, giving the Packers some breathing room.

But Rodgers was sacked on the ensuing first down play and Jenkins stays on the ground injured.

The Vikings have blown 3 fourth quarter leads this year.

Start of 4th Q

Green Bay will start the fourth quarter from inside their own 10 after the punt.

As Samuel Jackson would say in Jurassic Park: "Hold on to your butts"

Cousins is dropped in the backfield by Smith who forced the fumble, but Darrisaw recovers the fumble to keep possession and the Vikings will have to punt when we begin the 4th quarter from Minnesota.

Cousins keeps the chains moving, the clock winding, and the Vikings marching down the field on 3rd and 1. 1st and 10 from the GB 40.

The Packers can't stop Jefferson. He picks up another 21 yards on the pass over the middle on the first play of the drive. He's got 134 yards and a touchdown.

Adams brings this game back to snug status.

The Vikings open the third quarter with a Jefferson touchdown.

We've got a game from Minnesota. Who will blink first?? The Vikings have to feel like they have to score on every possession to keep ahead of Rodgers and the Packers.


Rodgers hits Adams in the back of the endzone Rodgers extends the play and Adams improvises his route right in front of the field goal post.

The Packers bite back after the Vikings opening TD to start the third quarter.

The Packers are moving seemlessly down the field, this time is was St. Brown for an 11 yard gain on the end around.

Rodgers tucks and runs for a big gain on 2nd and 6 from the MIN 39 and the Packers will hace 1st and 10 from the MIN 21.

Same old same old for the Packers who get called for ANOTHER penalty, this time it's a hold on Jenkins, but the Packers pick up the first down after a couple mid range passes from Rodgers to Adams and Dillon.

Gutsy drive from the Vikings who have momentum back on their side coming out of the halftime break.


Jefferson can not stop scoring touchdowns!!! Cousins hits the 2nd year WR for the 9 yard TD catch.

What a huge drive from the Vikings. 14 Plays, 75 yards and almost 7 minutes drained off the clock. Exactly what Minnesota needed after the Green Bay's late first half touchdown.

MIN goes back to Cook on 3rd and 1 in the redzone and the Vikings have a 1st and Goal from the GB 9.

What a response from a team that seemed to have the wind taken out of their sails before halftime.

Cook picks up 5 on 3rd and 1 and the Vikings are just chipping away at the Packers after giving up the late touchdown in the first half.

1st and 10 from the GB 35.

The second half is underway, and the Vikings get started right where they left off. 15 yard completion to Conklin on the first play of the thrid quarter.

Rodgers is 13/22 for 188 yards and a touchdown.

Cousins is 9/12 for 162 yards with a touchdown.

The Vikings have have 173 yards, but have been gifted 77 yards off of Packers penalties. If the Packers can control themselves, they will have a much better chance in the second half.

The Vikings seemed to dominate that first half, but they lead by just six points.

As well as Minnesota played they have to be deflated by giving up that late touchdown in the first half.

The Vikings are held after the the Osborn play is reversed, and that will take us to the end of the first half.


The Vikings going for points with half a minute to go, but Osborn looked like he bobbled the 32 the catch. It was called a catch, but will be reviewed.

It took an eternity for the refs to go to the review, they finally do and just looking at the replay you can tell that the play is coming back.

The Vikings going for points with half a minute to go, but Osborn looked like he bobbled the 32 the catch. It was called a catch, but will be reviewed.

It took an eternity for the refs to go to the review, they finally do and just looking at the replay you can tell that the play is coming back.

What a drive from the Packers who looked lifeless at times. But with 30 seconds to go in the half the Rogers are within a touchdown.


Rogers rolls left, and throws across his body to find Deguara for a 25 yard touchdown to cut the lead in half.

What a pass from Rodgers for Deguara for his first ever NFL touchdown!!!

More pressure on Rodgers brings up a 3rd and 5 from the MIN 25.

The Vikings have allowed 52 points in the final two minutes of the first half.

Can the Packers take advantage?

Two Minute Warning

Rodgers and the Packers overcome the flag after a 15 yard gain to Cobb over the middle and the Packers keep the drive going as we head to the Two Minute Warning.

The Packers take over from the GB 26, and Rodgers hits St. Brown for a gain of 17.

But the good start is interupted on Turner is flagged for a 10 yard illegal hands to the face penalty to back them up to 1st and 20 from the GB 33

Finally the Packers defense come up with a stop and hold Ham on and end around on 3rd and 1.

Remember the Packers gave up just 44 points in the last four games.

The Vikings take over fro their own 20 with 5:30 to go in the second quarter.

Green Bay get stopped again, and this might be the worst we have seen Rodgers and the Packers look since Week 1.

Another penalty on the Packers, this time it's Turner flagged for the hold. That's their 5th penalty for a total of 67 yards.

Who would have predicted this a little more than 20 minutes into the game??


Cousins hits Thielen on the short out route and he takes it into the endzone for the 10 yard touchdown.

MIN are smashing GB 16-3 with 7:37 to go in the second quarter.

Cousins is picked by Savage!!! But a roughing the passer penalty on GB's Keke will give the VIkings a new opportuinty in the redzone after the penalty.

1st and `Goal for the Vikings from the 10.

Another flag against the Packers move the Vikings deep into GB territory. The PI flag moves Minnesota 39 yards down the field and the Cousins will have the ball at the GB 24.

Crosby has missed a total of eight field goals this season and that could be the one weak link in the Packers chain.

Jefferson was this close to scoring the first touchdown of the game.


Crosby doinks it off the left upright and the Packers come up empty again!!!

Vikings lead 9-3 with 11:15 to go in the second quarter.

Rodgers got pressured on 2nd and 3rd down from the MIN 14, and he had to throw the pass away to avoid a sack or worse.

FG coming up for the Packers.

Rodgers moves the chains again on 2nd and 8, and those little out routes to Adams or Valdes-Scantling are line hand offs. Rodgers can complete those all night.

A false start on the Packers' Newman halts the drive, but the Packers convert on 3rd and 12, with a 39 yard pitch and catch to Valdes-Scantling down to the MIN 25.

End of 1st Q

Finally a little bit of continuity from the Packers offense to end the first quarter. Rodgers hits Valdes-Scantling for a 5 yard game to move the chains and will continue their drive when the second quarter begins.

Vikings lead 9-3 at the end of the first quarter.


After review, Jefferson is ruled to have been down at the one, but the Vikings make quick work of the leftovers with a Cook run up the middle. PAT is no good from Joseph.

Cousins goes deep across the field for a big gainer of 56 yards to Jefferson, and the refs rule that he was down at the one. The play will be reviewed

Remember the Packers scored just 17 points against the Seahawks in Rodgers' return last week, and it took them four quarters to get their first touchdown.

Remember the Packers scored just 17 points against the Seahawks in Rodgers' return last week, and it took them four quarters to get their first touchdown.

Thielen toe taps on the left sideline for a gain of 18 yards and the Vikings are starting off this first quarter looking like the better offensive team.

Minnesota will take over from their 16 yard line after a 40 yard punt.

5:08 to go in the first quarter.

Both teams exchange flase start and offsides penalties to leave the Packers with 3rd and 9.

Rodgers was dropped in the backfield and lost control of the ball, but ended up recovering the fumble. Green Bay gets away with a break there.

Both teams exchange flase start and offsides penalties to leave the Packers with 3rd and 9.

Rodgers was dropped in the backfield and lost control of the ball, but ended up recovering the fumble. Green Bay gets away with a break there.

Rodgers almost gets picked looking for Adams, and the Vikings look like they have learned their lesson after giving up a big play to Devonte on the first drive.

Adams getting a bit too much attention from the Packers, as they are flagged for a defensive hold call on the first play of the Packers drive

We are all even a little more than 5 minutes in.


The Packers come up with a Smith sack on 3rd down and 5, and the Vikings match the Packers first drive with an opening possession field goal.

Joseph's field goal is good from 51, and each team with strikingly similar first possessions.


Cousins hits Jefferson over the middle and the Vikings respond to the Packers big play with a long yardage play to get into Packers territory.

It wasn't a pretty start for the Vikings defense, but holding the Packers to a field goal is not a huge L to start the game.


Crosby's 54 yard field goal is good to put the first points on the board two minutes into the game.

It started with a bang but ends in a hush after Rodgers overthrows Valdes-Scantling on 3rd and 8, and the Packers have to settle for a field goal.

Big play right off the bat for Rodgers and the Packers. How do the Vikings leave Devonte Adams wide open on the first play of the game. 37 yards on the opening play!!!

Start of 1st Q

We are underway from Minnesota!! The Packers will receive after the Vikings win the toss and differ the kickoff.

We are just moments away from kickoff from U.S. Bank Stadium!!!

According to the Packers are just a one point favorite in Minnesota with the Over/Under set at 47.

The Vikings inactives for today

A history of bad blood and respect

Does Dede have any big plans for his brithday?

The Packers look like they are about their buisness.

Kenny Clark looks like he could eat an entire Thanksgiving meal to himself.

Will the rookie cornerback Eric Stokes come up with a pick today?

Aaron Jones knows how to make and apperance. He also knows how to score touchdowns, he has three rushing touchdowns and four receiving touchdowns.

Who is going to stop Rodgers?

Rodgers is on pace for another potential MVP year. He’s has 17 touchdowns and just four interceptions and has won eight of the nine games he's started. More than stats Rodgers brings a winning mentality to the Packers. When he’s on the field it seems like it has a trickle down effect , and not just on the offensive end.

Cousins having himself a season

Kirk Cousin’s has been the definition of efficient this season. He has the sixth highest passer rating in the league at 104, and has the best interceptions percentage in the league at 0.6. He’ll have to be extra efficient and the Vikings running game will need to help keep Rodgers and the Packers off the field by building long drives and throwing the Packers defense off rhythm.

Vikings bounce back after heartbreak

The Vikings came off a heartbreaking overtime loss to the Ravens with a narrow victory over the Chargers to bring them right in the mix of the NFC playoff picture. Minnesota started the season 1-3, but have turned things around over the last month and a half.

Stokes saw it coming

Rookie cornerback Eric Stokes knew from the start.. ''I've been knowing it since training camp. I knew this was a good defense because, just seeing the leadership and seeing how different people think and all that stuff,''

Rodgers back from COVID

Rodgers came back after recovering from COVID and the Packers responded by blanking the Seattle Seahawks 17-0. It has been the defense that has carried Green Bay through the difficult moments of the season. In the last 5 games the defense has allowed 11.6 points a game. The Packers haven’t allowed a touchdown in the last six quarters.

Is GB the best team in the league?

Since losing the season opener to the Saints, the Green Bay Packers have won eight of nine and have established themselves as the benchmark of the NFL. Their only loss after Week 1 came to the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead, and it came without Aaron Rodgers.

NFC showdown in Minnesota

The top teams in the NFC North are set to square off in a spotlight matchup of Week 11. AS English will have live, up to the minute coverage, stats, scores and highlights from Minnesota as the Vikings host the Green Bay Packers from U.S. Bank Stadium.


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