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What are the Marvel and DC equivalents of the ‘The Boys’ characters?

The Amazon Prime Video show is based on the original comic book series which features parody versions of some iconic superheroes.

Firecracker The Boys

‘The Boys’ has become one of the most acclaimed series of recent years, with its dark, alternative take on the world of superheroes turning the show into a global phenomenon.

The series returns on Amazon Prime Video for a fourth season, which presents a world undergoing massive changes. The narrative unfolds in a deeply divided society where the so-called “supers” have become acutely aware of their immense power and their differences from the rest of humanity. 

Homelander, in particular, will play a crucial role, following his decisive actions in the final episode of Season 3, which could have devastating consequences for the world.

‘The Boys’ is, of course, based on the original comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, whose story features parody versions of some of the comic book world’s most recognisable Marvel and DC characters.

So even if you’ve never watched ‘The Boys’ before, you’ll likely recognise some of the main stars of the show in season 4, with Homelander perhaps the most instantly identifiable.

Which ‘The Boys’ characters have Marvel and DC equivalents?

Homelander / John Gillman - Captain America (Marvel) / Superman (DC)

Kitted out in red, white and blue, Homelander looks a lot like Captain America, even if the details aren’t quite the same. The leader of The Seven (think the Justice League) also has Superman’s most famous powers, including flight, heat vision, and X-ray vision.

The Deep / Kevin Mosocwitz - Namor (Marvel) / Aquaman (DC)

Like Aquaman, The Deep is made fun of for his “super power” of being able to talk to aquatic animals. Namor has the same power in the Marvel world, but is taken considerably more seriously, which makes the similarities between the two a little less obvious.

A-Train / Reggie Franklin - Quicksilver (Marvel) / The Flash (DC)

The Seven is a reflection of the Justice League, hence the connection to The Flash, who also boasts super speed, of course. But unlike the DC character, A-Train can’t time travel or pass through solid objects. His blue costume does, though, mean he ultimately resembles Marvel’s Quicksilver.

Starlight / Annie January - Dazzler (Marvel) / Stargirl (DC)

Starlight is loosely based on Stargirl but has different super powers. While Stargirl could fly and shoot stars, Starlight generates rays of light from her body, like Northstar and Aurora in the Marvel world. However, she also has plenty in common with Dazzler, another Marvel character - blonde hair, white costumes and light-based powers.

Kimiko Miyashiro / The Female - X-23 and Wolverine (Marvel)

Kimiko may have no claws, but there are still lots of similarities to X-23 and, by extension, Wolverine, particularly in the way she fights, her personality and mysterious background.

Andre Anderson - Magneto (Marvel)

Played by the late Chance Perdomo, who was killed in a motorcycle accident in March, student Anderson is new to the show in season 4 and has similar super powers to Magneto. Although their personalities are different, he is able to control magnetic fields and magnetism with his hands, as well as reshape metal entirely.

Sam Riordan - Superboy (DC)

The brother of recurring character Golden Boy, Riordan’s powers are nothing fancy - superhuman strength and superhuman durability - but very effective. The teenager struggles to get to grips with them both physically and mentally, similar to Superboy before becoming Superman.