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How to share your Steam game library with your family and friends, step by step

With this tutorial, learn how to share your Steam digital video game library with other trusted users, step by step.

How to share your Steam game library with your family and friends, step by step

Steam offers its users the possibility of sharing the video games in their digital library with other Steam users through a fairly simple method that many are unaware of. This is achieved by granting permissions to other Steam accounts on other computers so that they can access a particular library of games, all through a system known as Steam Family Sharing. Here is a complete tutorial to learn how to share your Steam game library with other users.

How to share Steam games with other users?

The first step is to activate the Steam Guard tool, Steam's double authentication protection system, a mandatory step to be able to share our digital library. To do this, go to the Steam Settings tab and in the account options activate Steam Guard, following the steps provided by Steam.

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Now we must access the computer of the user with whom we want to share our Steam digital library in person, using our Steam login data on that computer. If we trust that person, we can give our access data to do it remotely; even so, the Steam Guard system will provide us with the necessary security to prevent identity theft in your account. Follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Steam account
  2. Access the Settings tab
  3. Go to the Steam Family tab.
  4. Click the "Authorize family sharing on this computer" checkbox.
  5. Select the accounts we want to give access to our library on that computer.

Keep in mind, however, that the Steam Family Sharing service has its limitations and peculiarities:

  • We can lend our account on up to 10 devices at a given time, and for up to 5 accounts.
  • It is not possible to play a shared library on two or more computers at the same time.
  • Some titles may not be shared between different computers and users.

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