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Horizon Forbidden West: how to equip face paints

Here's how to equip face paints to Aloy in Horizon Forbidden West and modify her cosmetic appearance beyond the armor.

Horizon Forbidden West: how to equip face paints

In Horizon Forbidden West we find a good number of different possibilities to customize Aloy. Weapons, her armor... all of this will affect both gameplay (depending on the stats and characteristics of the equipment in question) as well as aesthetics. Regarding this point, something important for many players (we know we are not the only ones who do not put a particular outfit to the protagonist because we do not like its design), we also find the face paints. These can be unlocked by performing various tasks such as side quests and thus increase our collection to be able to equip them to Aloy. In this guide, we will tell you how to do it.

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 How to use face paints in Horizon Forbidden West

To begin with, although we can get face paints since the beginning of the game, we will not be able to equip them permanently on Aloy until we have advanced enough in the adventure. What we can do at any time, is open the photo mode (from the START menu of the game, you can't miss it) and in the first tab go down to find and select the face painting option to take a picture and thus wear the paint that we want.

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If what we want is to wear it permanently, as if it were a tattoo, we must get to Scalding Spear and look for the Tenahkt called Zokkah, located on the upper level of the settlement, in the southern part of the village, near the armor seller and the one who makes potions. You can identify him on the map as an icon that looks like a pickaxe and is labeled "Painter".

When we talk to him we can pay him 10 Shards to apply any face paint we have unlocked in our menu. If we want to remove the paint, it will only cost 1 shard. Thus, in such a simple way, we will be able to customize Aloy whenever we want and thus wear facial motifs related to the tribes we know. Each tribe we meet in the game has a set of several paintings, which are unlocked by performing specific missions or side quests.

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