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Horizon Forbidden West: where to find and how to defeat the Dreadwing

We help you to locate one of the most difficult enemies in Horizon Forbidden West, the Dreadwing, with a series of tips and tricks to kill and loot it.

Horizon Forbidden West: where to find and how to defeat the Dreadwing

In Horizon Forbidden West, we find many enemy machines to defeat using our varied arsenal. If what we want is to sabotage them to be able to dominate or assemble them (only some of them) we must overcome the various Cauldrons scattered around the world. On the other hand, if we want to loot their parts to improve our weapons and armor, we must kill them. To help you find and defeat one of the most powerful machines in the game, the Dreadwing, we welcome you to this part of our guide.

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Where to find the Dreadwing: location on the map

Dealing with the various enemies in Horizon Forbidden West is not an easy task, and the Dreadwing is one of the most challenging machines. It is necessary that we have advanced far enough in the game if we want to come out with the victory. The Dreadwing is a flying metallic enemy with the ability to turn invisible, as well as having considerable attack strength and resistance. This is an enemy that can be found in several places in the Forbidden West, but here you will find one of its locations on the map -unless, of course, you want to be searching every inch of the map waiting to hear its shrill screech. This can be located in the southern part of the map, before crossing the mountains where our base is located.

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How to defeat the Dreadwing

The Dreadwings are characterized by being large flying creatures that occasionally become invisible in order to mislead us. Its weak point is in its chest, where it has a deposit of acid that we can make explode if we shoot explosive spears if we hit the exact spot. It is also a good idea to aim at the cores under its wings, as this will cause a considerable amount of damage.

In general, besides dodging its powerful attacks, we can also fire several shots from the rope launcher in order to fix it on the ground and prevent it from taking flight. Once down, placing acid elemental traps around it to cause a big explosion is a very valid strategy. Anything goes against this imposing beast, and once we defeat it we can loot a good handful of very useful legendary pieces.

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