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Relic Ruins

Relic Ruins in Horizon Forbidden West: where they are and how to complete them

We help you to find all the Relic Ruins available in Horizon Forbidden West and tell you how to 100% complete them.

Relic Ruins in Horizon Forbidden West: where they are and how to complete them

In Horizon Forbidden West we find a multitude of locations of interest as we explore the open-world map. Cauldrons, Vista points, and multiple collectibles... there is a lot to do and discover. As part of this guide, in this post, we help you with all the Relic Ruins that can be found from the moment you venture into the Forbidden West.

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Relic Ruins: where they are and how to complete them

The Relic Ruins are a bit tricky to complete, with locked doors with security codes and stage puzzles. But here you can learn how to effortlessly reach the relic hidden in these 9 ruins thanks to our directions. What do you get when you find all these relics? As a final reward, we will be able to have the option to change the lights of all Las Vegas in its new post-apocalyptic version located in The Stillsands.

Relic Ruins in The Daunt

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Before crossing the border to the west we find these first ruins. To begin, we must push the box that is in the area to reach the top floor and reach the other building. There we use the hook again to unlock a ledge and a raised beam (they are above our head, on the right-hand side). We do the same with the loose box on the left, on the upper floor, to reach the newly unlocked opening and cross to the other side. There, an underground passageway awaits us, where we advance until we see a hitch in the ceiling, which we unlock.

We retrace our steps to use the hook on a wall, break it, and thus be able to push the box near the hole and drag it down the corridor until we reach the end and climb. Finally, we find a hotel room key on a balcony, which we use on the locked door at the beginning. The code to use is 1705 and inside we found the ornament we were looking for.

Relic Ruins in No Man's Land

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In this place, we must also start by picking up a box to drag it to the wall behind us and climb to the roof of the building. There we explode the red flowers to open the wall and once inside we go to the left side until we can use the hook to pull a box so that it is on the edge. We go down to the lower floor, use the hook on a wall and continue to explode some red flowers. On the other side awaits us an energy cell, which we can extract and take to the main room tank to charge it.

From there we can pull the box (on the upper floor) that we have previously moved and now we have to place the charged energy cell on the box to transport it to the other side to avoid it sinking. We move the nearby box until we can reach a ledge on the wall and once up we use the code 2204 on the door (already energized) to open it and find the ornament on the other side.

Relic Ruins in Restless Weald

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In this case, we must move a rail car and pull it back before operating the nearby lever so that the tracks change and we can push it forward, in a straight line, to the building we want to reach. There we jump on the rope and move forward until we find the key to the depot office. We go down and shoot a nearby ladder so we can reach it by jumping from the nearby grabs on the wall.

Up there awaits us the door with the code 1923. After jumping over a rope we reach a wall with red flowers to explode. Once back outside, we push the trolley back to the origin, change the direction of the tracks and take it to the left into the interior of the building. We climb over it so we can reach some ledges on the wall and finally the ornament.

Relic Ruins in The Dry Yearn

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Once inside the building open the metal flower to reach the other side of the vines and push the box inside it to the end of the corridor. This way we can reach an upper platform and operate a crank to open a hatch. At the end of the room, there is a hitch in a wall that we can destroy to drag a cart to the entrance. From there look to the right wall in order to open several beams with the hook. Climb up the wall and jump over them to reach a ledge with a key on the floor.

Go to the "balcony" in front (using a box below) to be able to use the key and the hook in a ventilation duct in the room. We advance inside until we reach a wall with explosive red flowers. On the other side, we find another crank, which we activate in order to pull the wagon and place it under the door to keep it open. We climb on the wagon to reach some projections on the wall and climb up to a wall that can be opened with the hook. Finally, shortly after advancing, we will find the ornament we are looking for.

Relic Ruins in The Stillsands

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In the middle of the desert, we find these ruins. We explore the lower floor until we explode some red flowers and move a box to go up to the upper floor. There we turn the crank so that some water comes out through a pipe, which we block with the box collected so that the room is filled with water. We then swim to the stone stairs on the other side of the room and there we collect the key to the store.

We swim back to the closed door, which we open easily and from inside we extract another box. We move it with the help of the hook from one of the feet of the statues on the other side of the room, to move it to near the area where the green glow is (yes, this step is quite convoluted and long because you have to push several times). Finally, from there, we can jump to the ledge and reach the ornament.

Relic Ruins in Runner's Wild

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Once in the ruins, open the wall on the left-hand side with the help of the hook and throw the box on the right to the ground, so we can climb the tower to descend and reach a hidden area. There we open both walls (one with a red flower explosion and the other with the hook) so we can move the box before to the end of the room and climb it. Another box awaits us on the roof, which we can push down and move to the gap near the hole in the wall, in order to enter and move the other box to place it on top, thus creating a tower with the two.

We push them both up and make them pass through the opening in the wall to be able to climb up and get the altar key, to use it on the locked door. Once inside the room, we break the wall with the hook and go for the double boxes to carry them to the hole, picking up the one in the upper position from the newly discovered room. This way we can drag it to the top of the climb and there use it to propel us and reach the hole in the tower, where the ornament finally awaits.

Relic Ruins in The Long Coast

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We find this ruin on the coast, we access and climb up the wall to reach a red flower to explode. On the other side, we can turn and see a hole in the rock from which we can catch a cable with our hook and thus get a nearby anchor point with which to climb up the beams. There awaits us a box, which we push to the bottom and use the hook to make it go through the puddle. We continue pushing until we leave it in an elevator room. In order to activate it, we pick up a nearby energy cell and take it as quickly as possible to the energy point, before it runs out. Then we can make use of the elevator and, once outside, use the hook to start climbing a tower to the top. From there we see a box located at our feet, behind a stone wall, so we get there and light the red flowers on the wall.

Then we can cross the box to the other side and push it down. What we want is to raise it inside the elevator, so we remove the box that was already in that position (on the top floor), so we will have a box outside, up, and on the other inside. Now we have to place the elevator in its lower position, open the hatch in the ceiling, go to the top floor and from there push the box so that it is at the top of the elevator. We enter, activate it, and once it is up we go out through the upper opening to be able to use the box to propel us and reach the ornament.

Relic Ruins in Isle of Spires

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We use the hook to climb the tower and go up until we reach a floor to move around. There we move forward and find a grid in the ceiling, which we can open with the help of the hook, to cross through the conduit and thus unlock a wall with a red flower. Soon after, we find an energy cell, which we charge in a nearby station and rush to the elevator shaft. We enter and use it to go down. There, in a kind of natural pool, there is a box that we must move to the other side, in a deeper water area. We pull it from the platform where there is a metal flower, so we can stand on the box to shoot through the hole in the wall and unlock the ladder on the other side.

We open the flower to remove the vines and thus reach the ladder, climb, and find a key lying on the floor. We can use it to unlock the nearby locked door using the code 2109109, and there find the ornament we are looking for.

"Night of lights" Errand

To unlock this assignment we must have completed all the previous Relic Ruins. Once we do it we can talk to the Oseram that is in the upper part of the Las Vegas settlement and start the errand. We must descend down the elevator shaft until we reach the ruins and there advance to the point indicated, near the Eiffel Tower. At the door, enter the code 739135 and there we will find the final ornament, which we can give to Stemmur once we are back on the surface. Then we will be able to see the beautiful lights that cross the night sky of the place and change them whenever we want.

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