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Neil Druckmann hopes The Last of Us will "move" people who don't play video games

During the panel for Naughty Dog's upcoming video game adaptation, its co-creator spoke about the intentions of bringing this product to television.

Neil Druckmann hopes The Last of Us will "move" people who don't play video games

The story of The Last of Us will be coming soon to television by HBO. As part of the activities of CCPX 22 in Brazil, a panel was held to which Meristation USA was invited, where the cast and producers of this adaptation talked about what awaits spectators at the beginning of January. Many of the questions revolved around how a video game is being translated to the small screen.

During the panel, the last question was directed to Neil Druckmann, co-creator of The Last of Us, co-president of Naughty Dog, and producer of the series for HBO, who gave his reasons for bringing one of the most important video game titles to television.

Neil's biggest hope with The Last of Us

Neil Druckmann is clear about one thing, there is no reason not to take the story of The Last of Us to any other medium as he believes it " is worth translating over to other media".

“Sometimes I got asked questions like ‘Why even adapt this thing?’ The game was so good, it connected with so many people. Why go down this road at all? All you could do is lose,” Druckmann commented. “I see it in a different way. Some people don’t play games, so they won’t get to experience the story. I think the thing that we created at Naughty Dog is worth translating over to other media. My biggest hope is that someone will watch this show and be moved by it, and then we get ‘Wait, is that based on a video game? You mean like Pac-Man and shit?’ And they will realize there’s this whole other medium that is rich with storytelling and experiences. That’s what I hope will come out of it.”

During the panel held at CCXP, the cast gave reasons to assure the audience why the adaptation of The Last of Us will be worthwhile and will stand out from other audiovisual adaptations that video games have had in recent years.

The Last of Us is coming to HBO Max on January 16.

Source | CCXP 22