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Spider-Man Noir: Live-action series of the arachnid superhero to be launched by Amazon

The 1930s New York version of Spider-Man is getting his own live-action television show from the Amazon Studios, Sony and Marvel joint venture.

Spider-Man Noir: Live-action series of the arachnid superhero to be launched by Amazon

Sony Pictures and Marvel continue to expand their Spider-universe with a new live-action Spider-Man series for Amazon. This time, it will be dedicated to Spider-Man Noir, the 1930s New York version of Spider-Man that is already a classic of the Spider-verse in comics and other formats, from animation to video games. This was announced exclusively by Variety after confirming late last year another live-action series in the same universe as Silk: Spider Society.

A fresh look at Sony and Marvel's Spiderverse

Amazon Studios, Sony Pictures Television, and Marvel are teaming up again to bring a new live-action Spiderverse series to life following last November's announcement of Silk: Spider Society was announced by showrunner Angela Kang. While the person in charge of the project is still unknown, we already have some names associated with it, such as Oren Uziel, who will serve as writer and executive producer of Spider-Man Noir after penning scripts such as The Lost City, Mortal Kombat (2021) or The Cloverfield Paradox.

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Uziel will be working alongside other Sony Spiderverse regulars, with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, producers of the acclaimed animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, and former Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal all serving as executive producers on this new Spider-Man series, which Pascal Pictures are also producing.

It is worth mentioning that Spider-Man Noir is a Spider-Man from another universe who fights crime in 1930s New York, during the Great Depression. Bitten by a spider hidden in a stolen artifact, he begins to have visions of a Spider-God that gives him the classic Spider-Man powers, though he does not give up the typical weapons of the time and an outfit characterized by a trench coat, hat and a disturbing mask; and no, he is not Peter Parker. This will be the first live-action adaptation of Spider-Man Noir.

Source | Variety