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Dead Island 2: how to get Delgado’s Supply Case Key

We’ll tell you where to find Pvt. Delgado’s Supply Case Key to get away with some awesome loot in Dead Island 2′s endgame.

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 has become one of the top games for zombie-slaying lovers. The long-awaited sequel allows players to explore various districts of the city of Los Angeles, from the mythical Venice Beach to the huge mansions of Beverly Hills. Understanding the environment is key to completing the missions and being able to unlock the safes with rewards. One of them has to do with Private Delgado. We tell you how to get his Supply Case key.

How to get Delgado’s Supply Case Key in Dead Island 2

To get Delgado’s Supply Case Key, you must first complete the [REDACTED] mission, which is part of the repertoire of the Lost and Found section. During it, you will hear that its location is close to container 66, one of the many containers spread all over the beach. Once you the quest, Pvt. Delgado will appear on the map.

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Now you must go to the Tower, one of the two fast travel points available in Venice Beach. Since you already have the card to access the back of the beach, turn right and you will find the container with the same number you’re looking for. Next to him will be Delgado ready to bite you. Kill him(he’s just a regular zombie with a name) and his corpse will drop the keys to his supply case. To open the box you must go to the second floor of the Tower. Open the case and you will get a purple rarity pistol that will help you on your journey through Hell-A.

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