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Dead Island 2: where to get Curtis’ house, garage and safe keys

Are you wondering where to find all the good stuff inside Curtis’ house in Dead Island 2, in this guide, we show you where.

Dead Island 2: where to get Curtis’ house, garage and safe keys

Having the best weapons and items is one of the most important parts of surviving the zombie apocalypse, and Dead Island 2 is no exception. Curtis’ house in Bel-Air has some items that are not so easy to access, and you need to find three keys to unlock them. In this guide, we will tell you where to find these keys to find Curtis’ house, garage and safe keys in Dead Island 2.

Where to Find Curtis’ House Keys in Dead Island 2

Let’s start with the most important thing, the keys to Curtis’ house... because basically we need to get inside to get the rest of the items, but the house is locked behind a side quest. In order to find the house keys, we must first complete the side quest that will allow Curtis to join our group of survivors in Emma Jaunt’s house. Once he agrees to join us after clearing his house of zombies, you will receive Curtis’ House Keys.

Where to Find Curtis’ Garage Keys in Dead Island 2

The second set of keys will give us access to Curtis’ Garage. These are found in a workbench.... inside Curtis’s Garage, and at this point we start to feel that Curtis just wants to troll us. In order to get these keys, go to the front of the Gargage where you will find some cars parked in front of the gates. There you will find a switch that will allow you to open the garage door on the left. Inside you will find some zombies to defeat, break the boxes to be able to sneak out of the right side of the garage and finally, you will find the keys.

Where to Find Curtis’ Safe Keys in Dead Island 2

As for the last set of keys, luckily Curtis didn’t leave them in the safe... That would have been the last straw, but you will have to wait a bit in the game, because you need the Zombie Screamer to appear in the story (or you have completed the side quest The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X). To get this key, go to the back of the house where the guesthouse is. Hunt and kill the Screamers until Crystal the Lawyer appears, once you have killed her you can get the key to Curtis’ safe.


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