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Resident Evil remake: how to kill Salazar quickly and easily

If you’re having trouble beating the lord of the castle in the Resident Evil 4 remake, there’s a special trick to kill Salazar fast. We’ll tell you how to do it.

Resident Evil remake: how to kill Salazar quickly and easily

Ramon Salazar is the final boss of the Castle section in Resident Evil 4 remake, just as he was in the original Resident Evil 4 . However, a semi-hidden method has been discovered to easily kill him without using the rocket launcher. In this Resident Evil 4 remake guide we’ll tell you how to easily kill the mutated Ramón Salazar.

How to kill Salazar with Golden Eggs in Resident Evil 4 remake

With the game already in stores for over a week, players are discovering all kinds of strategies that are as absurd as they are effective. At the end of Chapter 12 of the Main Story of Resident Evil 4 remake we have a mandatory confrontation against a mutated Ramón Salazar, which has little to do with the original game: here Ramón can move and is quite aggressive. Well, a Japanese player has come up with a crazy method to kill him easily using… golden eggs.

Using mods in the PC version to show the enemies’ health bars, we see how a single Golden Egg takes 70% of its health. That is to say, with two Golden Eggs we could kill Ramón Salazar, making it a much faster and cheaper alternative to having to buy a rocket launcher from the Merchant.

If for whatever reason we only want to use a Golden Chicken Egg —one of the Peddler’s requests is to sell him a Golden Egg—, we see that after the first throw, Ramón is stunned for a few seconds., the ideal time to unload our entire arsenal on him and thus taking away his remaining 30% of his health.

Where to find Golden Chicken Eggs in Resident Evil 4 remake?

So where can you get Golden Eggs in Resident Evil 4 remake? Before getting to the fight against the mutated Ramón Salazar we have the opportunity to find exactly two Golden Eggs:

  • Chapter 4: when you can freely navigate the boat through the rivers and the lake, there’s a small dock with many chickens around.
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  • Capítulo 12: in the Square Lock Box you have to open with the Cubic Device in the Throne Room.
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This new strategy becomes practically obligatory when it comes to speedruns of the game, especially if you play in the highest difficulties (Hardcore and Professional), where in this way we will avoid both wasting time and the possibility that the mutated Ramón Salazar kills us.

As a curiosity, one of the Merchant Requests in the castle asks us to throw an Egg of any kind at a portrait of Ramón Salazar in the Throne Room. Could this be the hint that the game gives us regarding this particular weak point?